Strictly Speaking

I spent the last week trying to really buckle down.  I totally suck at blogging my food as evidenced by this week's attempt.  But I know what I ate.  And it's been simple foods, simple preparations, and pre-packing it (at night).  I have been saying no to moderation.  No to the 80% rule.  No to "I'll eat this now and make up for it by being good later" mentality.  I have been strict except for 2 occasions - my buddy's wedding on Friday night and her birthday part on Saturday night.  And Saturday night was mostly because I forgot I was an old fart and can't stay up past 10 pm without sleeping until noon the next day.  But I grocery shopped as soon as I got up and after we got back from her party I got in the kitchen and stayed up until 1 am ( I know...Sunday was a disaster) cooking food and then prepping my containers to take with me on Sunday.  Sunday I was 100% back on track.  And I sit her Monday night after another day 100%. 

How often will I deviate from being super anal retentive about my food?  My heart lately tells me that I should just stay like this until it makes sense to have a break.  A special occasion.  A date night with the hubby.  A girls night (we are old, this isn't a weekly thing).  I lean towards this because I want to make the way I eat the norm, not something to escape from by cheating/treating myself. That's what I want.  I want to be the kind of person that can order a clean-ish meal from a restaurant and not feel deprived because I didn't have the deep fried mozzarella sticks.  And I want to enjoy these special foods, not inhale them because I've been waiting ALL week to be released like a rabid animal on a pizza and cookie spree. 

And I want to reach my goals.  I want to stop being on my weight loss journey and I want to be on my maintenance grind.  I want to stop being in loser mode.  And bottom line - that is going to take another level of sacrifice that I am FINALLY in a mental place to accept and act on.  I have not been the past 12 months.  I've mentally been more in maintenance mode and it shows.  For my whole journey honestly I have been maybe 80%-ing it.  And that's why i'm 80% to my goal. 

So.  I'm making myself a promise (or a million):

I will not use words like "I deserve" or "I earned" when talking about treats/cheats

I will commit to cooking, even when I don't feel like it, if we are running out of food so we stay on track.

I will not say yes to food out of guilt or to make someone else happy.

I will commit to my workouts and when I am working out I will be fully present.

I will start meditating again.

I will reach my goal. 

I will choose to be the success story. 




Oops, I Cheated!

I totally cheated and got on the scale tonight. And my night weight is 3 lbs lower than my morning start of the weekend weight was 👍.  I know I was supposed to be scale free, but I got curious lol. 

B: Shakeology (chocolate) 

S: Oats (raisins/honey drizzle)

L: Chicken Fajitas  

D: Seafood in vegan mayo (real mayo grosses me out for some reason), crackers (ate about 1/3 the bag), perfect peaches 


S: fro yo 

Meals Meals Meals

This week is what happens when I try to be healthy AND clean out the fridge/freezer. Lots of repeats and random food. 

b: the sammy!  It's now the hubby's fav

s: oatmeal w/raisins and a little honey to sweeten


l: repeat: Mediterranean veggies + chickpeas + chicken sausage  


S: the most perfect peaches


D: pasta with the last chicken sausage. Finally lol. 

Tuesday's Eats

I was so tired when I got home last night I totally skipped my food post!! I actually was extremely busy at work and I forgot to take a lot of my pictures.  Luckily I eat the same stuff a lot.

Post-Workout - Results and Recovery

Breakfast: Chocolate Vegan Shakeology with almond milk, banana, cinnamon

Mid-AM: Breakfast sammy (same as yesterday)

Lunch: Sundried Tomato/Olive/Artichoke/Chickpea mix (I'm obsessed with this right now) with Chicken Sausage

Afternoon: Banana

Dinner: Mozzarella and Tomato Bread with Marinara Sauce on the side.  I actually meant to order a salad after this (out at a restaurant) but I was enjoying being with my friend and painting so much I just didn't think about it.  I was pretty full anyway so this worked out in the long run.

I've been eating 2 meals during the day and I REALLY love that (vs. a meal and 2 snacks).  I have noticed it keeps me full longer and I'm finding it easier to avoid the sweets at work.  Good because I'm trying to use this week to really improve my eating by eating a little less (been eating too much food.  Today was a little low calorie wise probably, but with balance I imagine some days are going to be higher (yesterday) and some lower like today) and eating less sugar especially (been having way too many sweets lately). 


Today's Eats!


And dinner was out with a old friend in town - half a turkey sandwich, green beans, and some of the fries the menfolk ordered as an appetizer.  Also a few bites of the hubby's cookie dessert :) I feel balanced today. Tons of veggies even though I didn't have a lot of fruit. I also didn't feel stuffed leaving dinner which made me happy. 

Best of the Week: Meals

This week I made a lot of changes to our meal plan.  I actually looked for a few new recipes, something I had not done in a LONG time.  And probably why I've been getting so tired of my food lately.  I really needed a break from the same recipes all the time.  And I found some magnificent keepers:

Zucchini Fritters - Loved this one.  I tripled the recipe so I could have enough for both of us for a few meals.  I also used significantly less cheese and it was fantastic.  To make it cleaner next time I will use fewer bread crumbs (I used about 75% of what was called for in the recipe already - it could be cut down a little more). 

Skillet Shrimp with Orzo and Asparagus - Another winner.  I added 2 bunches of asparagus (instead of 1) and 2 lbs of shrimp (because 1.5 lbs was 1.5 bags and it seemed dumb to just have half a bag open until whenever I felt like making shrimp again).  I played around with the seasoning until I got it right since there were more greens and shrimp in play.  This was extremely flavorful and I will make this again, although most likely with brown rice to make it cleaner.  Oh and I added a few olives to my portion because olives are delicious and the flavors in this dish worked well with kalamata olives. 

Jamie's Monster Meatloaf - This is a repeat but a good one that I had not made in a long time.  The hubby LOVES this one.  I don't eat it usually when I make it because the meat is just too heavy.  But it in general is my favorite meatloaf recipe.  I like to mix up the meats - turkey + beef or something to give it more flavor.

Next week is very social - dinner with an old friend in town, a wedding and all the fun that goes along with that, wine and's going to be busy.  I want to focus on cleaning out the fridge/freezer next week.  I have CSA fruits/veggies to use up (more fritters!!!!) and some frozen vegan eggplant parm (bought some fresh marinara to throw on it...will have it with some roasted veggies and rice).  I have a zillion cans of beans as well.  So hopefully I can clean things out to the point where I can shop fresh to start a buckled down meal plan once this social week is over. 

My Latest Obsession

If you are serious about your fitness/health/get a fantastic body mission - you meal prep. You kind of have to do this in one form or another as we all know what poor decision makers we be one when we don't have a ready made meal close at hand. And if you are exercising a fair bit and eating clean - you eat a lot of food. Veggies are crucial but those bad boys aren't high in calories. So you end up being that person. Lugging a lunchbox around. Or a purse full of snacks. And at least for me, it means leaving for work with a lunchbox, purse, laptop bag. And for traveling it meant a lot of manipulating and plotting to get all my stuff on board because as you know - healthy food while traveling is hard. Especially on longer flights and in some of these regional airports. Annoying and frustrating at times.

Well, I recently picked up a new 6 Pack Fitness bag. The Camille to be specific.

20140802-231725-83845091.jpg Truth - I really wanted the Renee. And still do because it's sleek and professional. But it's been out of stock since like hour 2 of the pre-order back in April and I wanted a solution now because I had a need for it. I had a 3 meal 6 pack a while back but I kind of ruined it and made the mistake of replacing it with the 5 meal at the advice of my then nutritionist and that was too much for me. I avoided buying another after that because I wasn't using the 5 meal and didn't want to but another 3 meal so soon. But I knew this style was the winner for me once these purse style ones came out, so I went ahead and jumped back in. And I'm so glad I did. For one, it's easy and less obvious I'm carrying food around when I'm out. It's perfect for travel, I can fit EVERYTHING I would ever need in the purse section, and there are plenty of pockets. The side pockets give perfect access to a water bottle or blender bottle or can be used for easy access to keys and phone if only using one/neither of the pockets.

Today I took it out loaded with the food in the picture above for the hubby and I. Everything stayed cold all day (around 11 hours). And it was so easy to stay on track because I had all my snacks with me. I walked into a movie theatre with no problem later in the day so bonus :)

So long story short - if you need to have the right food around you to stay on might want to check into these bags here. They have all kinds of styles/price points so you can find something that fits! I'm not affiliated with them in any way, this isn't paid or anything. It's just a product I love and I am *immediately* noticing a positive impact on my life from :)

Label Me

Labels are so huge in the fitness world.  Look at the food side of things: Vegan/Vegetarian/Paleo/IIFYM/Clean Eating/Keto/Low Carb/Whole 30/Plant Based and many more.

Honestly a year or two ago I would have called many of those the same thing.  I still honestly don't get the difference between keto and low carb but each side swears that it's different and I just go with it.  I didn't know that Vegan was considered by many to be a lifestyle and a total cruelty free existence...not just a meal plan.

And like many things in life I felt I had to pick a side.  Once I did the Ultimate Reset and found out that I actually really felt awesome eating vegan I figured vegetarian was a good compromise.  And I did that for a while.  Then I went back to meat occasionally.  And I lived in this place where I would have vegan meals most of the time, some vegetarian, and occasionally fish or chicken maybe every other month if that?  That seemed to be the happy place.  I considered myself to be plant based if I had to label it.  I ate mostly produce but spent some time in the other spaces.  And I was happy.

Lately I have been eating more of a random diet.  Mostly vegetarian, but here and there it's clean but chicken or fish or turkey more.  I have been doing more weight lifting workouts and I am finding that my diet was leaving me STARVING and I was eating crap food at work when I was hungry.  It wasn't necessarily the worst food but it wasn't clean and it was way too many calories.  Cliff Z bars (yes the kids ones...way better tasting).  Pita and hummus.  Random soup du jour at work.  And worst of all - the free food syndrome was kicking in bad.  At work we have food at meetings a lot.  Jimmy John's.  Pizza.  Dessert.  Cookies.  Scones. Fruit.  The most ridiculous pita and hummus on earth (I mentioned this already...I know.  It's that good).   So on and so forth.  And when you are honestly hungry...well sometimes you just start nibbling.  And then I got sick.  I have not been honestly sick in a long time this randomly.  I don't know ANY sick people.  Just me.  Hmm.

Now, I'm not saying you can't eat a vegan diet and lift weights.  I'm not saying it at all.  I'm saying that the switch from cardio focus to strength focus for me was one that really threw me for a loop.  Part of this is the fact that I don't like a lot of food that I should be eating on a vegan/vegetarian diet.  I don't really like nuts, just nut butter.  I don't really like avocado and sometimes it makes me feel ill when I eat it.  I'm lactose intolerant.  I do love olives at least, but as you can see my vegan fat levels are LOW.  I don't like many veggies raw.  I read 80/10/10 and was ready to fall in LOVE with the program but then I faced a dinner with that many raw vegetables and I wanted to cry.  I can eat pretty much any veggie cooked.  Especially stir fried.  I even stir fry radishes...I'm a rebel.  But raw...I have a limit and probably too much hummus or salad dressing.  Also honestly - the amount of fruit I should eat in a day is way beyond my budget for that plan.  I don't care for tofu.  I can dig tempeh, but not enough to have it daily.  And most veggie burgers, even the cleanest ones or the homemade ones are not very protein heavy.  I do love a good sourdough pb and j though...does that count?

In essence - my calories are way too low and my macros in pretty much every place are too low and all my options to fix that were wildly unappealing to me.  And since I didn't like the options I realized I was eating LESS because I didn't like the food.  Yeah that wasn't working.

So I'm trying this.  Seeing how it goes.  I'm on day 2 of a concentrated effort to eat more of the foods I actually find delicious and I'm finding I'm NOT cheating on my plan or not finishing a meal.  I'm satisfied and I feel a peace I have not had since I finished the reset.

Bottom line - I know many people who suffer through a meal plan they hate for results.  And that's just not me.  If I don't like the food I just can't eat it day in and day out.  My body was telling me "Kim - hey um...I need something else right now" and I fought it.  I fought myself.  And I lost.  I put on lbs.  I got tired and finally sick.  That sickness is what made me change this up for now.

I'm not saying this is forever.  I really do in my heart want to eat more of a plant based diet.  But at my caloric need (not helped by those extra lbs, eh?) and my activity level...I either have to eat food I don't want to eat or I have to do something else until something changes.  So that's what I'll do.   And I'll experiment.  I need to find more foods I actually enjoy eating so I can make this permanent.  I need to cook more foods and try more things to find the ones I love.  And that's what this is going to be about.  Welcome to this journey.

Level 10

WTF is Level 10. It's me taking myself to a new level.  It's me making a conscious decision to go from a more diligently working towards fitness to me consciously moving to BEAST MODE for the next 6-8 months.

My main goal - lose the last 30 lbs and be out of weight loss and in maintenance.  I want that by the end of the year.  I want to ring in the new year looking the best I have ever looked in my life with my hubby in a sparkly dress.

This is going to be really hard.  I have been bouncing the same weight range for months.  Ever since last year with job changing and generally being completely unhappy with my professional career.  I am really happy with where I am now.  Completely happy.  And I have spent some time being happy and eating and being a little loose with my diet.  Not out of control loose.  But too loose for someone this close to her goals but not there.

So now I buckle down.  I become that girl.  I have to do it even though I have pretty much resisted being that girl for a while now except when doing the reset.  What is that girl?

That girl who says no.  No to ordering food that isn't on her plan.  No to just eating without thought.  Yes to eating for fuel.  Yes to meal planning.  Yes to carrying my own food everywhere.  Yes to coming to terms with the emotional side of saying no and following my path.

It's going to be hard.  I had to talk to the hubby about this.  Because that's a big part of it.  Deciding that maybe we won't eat together sometimes.  Or that dining out...a big part of our relationship happy fun times...has to get cut back.  We have to change who WE are to fit me.  And that's hard to say.  But it's something I needed to really go next level to say.  For one because we both can stand to be healthier.  And for two because I just have to have his support to help me be able to do this.  It's going to be hard enough outside the house...I need his help.

So be on the look out for all this.  I started back with cardio after a month off of it because of my hips.  I basically realized that the real fix to the problem was altering my sleep style.  No more sleeping on my side.  I don't know if it's the years of being over weight or if it's just positioning or the combo of the two - but sleeping on my left side puts too much pressure on my body and my left leg feels awful in the morning.  If I lay on my back, right side, or stomach it's fine the next morning.  So I'm training myself to do that.  It sucks.  But it's going much better.  I had to prop myself up and block myself in with pillows at first to not roll over...but I'm doing better with it now.  And I have been pain free every single day except for the one day I did fall asleep on the couch on that side.  Boom.  So now that my leg issue is solved...I have been back on cardio/weights and back to pushing play with my favorites - Autum and Shaun T.  So this is the next step.

This is long enough for now.'s time to grocery shop.

One Week Insane

Today was the first day of week 2 of Insanity!  I spent most of the first week sick (thank you flight home from Tampa), but I went hard on my workouts since it was just in the sinus area (sexy, I know). Week 1 I lost 3.5 lbs (yay!) and feel really good.  I already feel my endurance picking up a bit and the inches (because that's what matters most) coming down.

Game plan for the week was:

1. Ate mostly vegan with some dairy here and there via baked products.  I didn't do a lot of cooking other than some reset recipes (beets, tempeh, greens, sweet potato bisque) and some baked potato fries.  I had a few meals out - a potluck where I made this AMAZING asparagus salad (which I am obsessed with now) and some stir fry meals at other restaurants.

2. I actually woke up on time.  I fell off a little bit after a late night on Thursday.  But for the most part I woke up on time without snooze assistance.  I do need to start going to bed earlier, but that's my June goal to work on for the Fitbook #21daystochange challenge!  I will be winding down around 9:30 and in bed, lights off, phone NOT on at 10 at the LATEST.

3. Push myself.  I don't usually have a problem with this but coming into my first week of really intense workouts in a while I was scared I wouldn't do enough work.  So I broke out my heart rate monitor to make sure I pushed hard enough and I used the Xbox Fitness interface to help me monitor my efforts as well.  Both of these have paid off with getting better scores and results.  I don't do the Xbox for every workout, I don't want to get too used to it and not be able to function without it.  But I use it at least 2x a week right now.

Game plan for week 2?  All the same things. I will have leftover roasted potato and asparagus salad, making some cuban black beans and plantains (I'm beyond excited for this meal), roasting veggies, and some other goodies.  In general I'm just trying to eat plant based and watch my processed carbs and my grains.  I was thinking of trying 21 day fix vegan style buttttt no.  Not right now.  I'm going to ride this train of eating clean and loose but losing as long as I can.

Ultimately Insane

I finished my third Ultimate Reset!  I lost weight/inches of course...but most importantly my brain feels normal again.  Off the processed sugar and ready to move forward normally.  After a long time of feeling unbalanced between a contract change, holidays, moving to Minnesota and adjusting to the new job....I finally feel what I would call level again.  It's been a LONG time of feeling unbalanced and I'm really glad I was able to use this program to feel balanced again. Results ya go: 20140525-125425-46465756.jpg

So now that the Ultimate Reset is over...what is next?   Well of course, it's INSANITY :)  I have followed each reset with insanity with fantastic why do anything different now?  Especially since Insanity is my favorite workout.  I plan on doing INSANITY followed by Asylum Vol 1/2.  So about 4 months straight of intense cardio with some weight lifting the last 2 months of that are on the schedule.  The plan is that I will reach my goal weight with this combination as long as I keep my diet straight.  Which means for me - a heavy on plants light on meat diet.  Today was the fit test.  I am using #summerofshaunt on instagram and twitter so look it up if you want to follow my progress :)


Visual proof of my workout!!  If you have a dusty copy of INSANITY laying around the house and want to join me let me know!  I'm posting daily motivation in my Facebook group (Team Consistency) so you are more than welcome to join me!

Ultimate Reset: The Last Few Salads

I am in the last week of the reset.  Finally!  I do love the program but as with anything, you get close to the end and senioritis kicks in and you are ready to have a little freedom for summer. I have posted a few videos during my journey on my youtube page and put them in a playlist so you can find all of the Ultimate Reset ones easily here!

In general though, I am VERY happy.  As usual.  I love this program because it delivers results.  For me my goal is usually two things - weight loss and fixing my brain about my sugar cravings.  Right now I feel that both have been achieved.  All of the weight I gained this spring after fumbling through the end of the 21 Day Fix is gone.  And I do not feel the intense cravings I did before for all things awful.  I actually am looking forward to fixing some of my favorite vegan and vegetarian dishes again.  My headspace is incredibly clear and as I see once again what a plant based diet does for my body I am reminded of how wonderful I can feel.  So with that - two things to share:

1. INSANITY .  Yes, it is going down May 25th.  10 days.  I.  Can't.  Wait.  Please feel free to join me.  Dust off your old copy of the program and let's kick some serious ass (off of our bodies, eh? ) or if you need a copy email me - or look in my store and I can help you get a copy in time to start.

2. Tenacious Herbivores - With a few of my Team Tenacity coaching buddies...we have started a plant based recipe/food share.  I am SO excited.  We are all different brands of herbivores with a common goal of eating more whole foods and plant based recipes.  If you are interested in joining us, it's a Facebook group that you can just join and start sharing.  You don't have to be a vegan or vegetarian.  Just have to share plant based vegan or vegetarian friendly recipes.  Interested?  It's here: Tenacious Herbivores on Facebook  I literally created this group about 30 minutes ago so we are just getting started, ha!

10 Down, 11 To Go!

I'm pretty much at the half way point of this reset! First week is the hardest to me because it's when you have to decide you are going all in. That you will give up control of your food to the program. Once you get through that, it's fairly simple to stick with it to me.

Today I weighed in - it was good :) I'm going to share full results at the end but know that all the weight I put in while in my funky mood is gone. Along with the funky mood, bad sleep, and sugar cravings. I feel almost fantastic. It's almost because I still have a little stuffy nose. It's not as bad as Monday, but it's there. I had this my first reset as well. I blame it on the terrible diet I went into each with resulting in a detox in the form of sniffles and a few blemishes. I'm annoyed with both...but I'm ok with it. It means my body is getting rid of junk and resetting.

Meal wise, I'm doing a little remixing here and there to try to not waste food.  Last night I made a 3x batch of the Sweet Potato Bisque because my husband said he wanted some but then he said he wasn't going to eat it.  So I have an extra serving since the reset only has it 2x.  I'm totally going to eat that again since I have it, most likely on day 12 for lunch and I am so psyched about that.  I also have a ton of pinto beans left from making them for the man for dinner so I'm going to actually have that dinner again tonight.  It's really one of my favorites (no's the only other recipe on that link above along with the bisque lol) and I found my favorite brown rice (nishiki) today so I'm going to eat that up!

Two Days Out

And it was shopping day!




I am stocked UP and ready to go. My best tip for newbies to the reset - bulk foods are your friend. My second tip - splurge on yourself and get organic as much as possible. My third tip - clean out your fridge before you start. Trust me, you need the room. Everything you see in there is for the reset. I have some extra salad greens and cucumbers for the hubby. But for the most part - it's all for me to eat this week. Yeah. It's not a starvation plan, trust me.

Prep Time!

Considering it is Sunday night and I'm starting the Ultimate Reset on Wednesday morning...time to prep! I spent a long time in the kitchen today. First - I cleaned the fridge out. I had a lot of random stuff in there that was either just old or I need to remove it from my diet. The weight I have put on is definitely due to food choices and I am ready to get back to the choices that benefit me. And for me - that means removing them from my house. I battle myself enough with choices out in the world...I like my home to be a place of easy living. My husband it not doing the reset (although he will eat reset dinners with me) so I do have non reset food in the house. But it's clean food, not snacky junk foods. Second - I cleaned the kitchen top to bottom. Scrubbed the fridge and stove and floor and counters. I'm ready for daily cooking now.

Next I printed the grocery list and did a kitchen inventory.


I already have many of the condiments , spices, and kitchen staples like brown rice in the house. I did the inventory to make sure I don't repeat buy. I also added the food I need to cook dinner for the hubs and I.

I will shop tomorrow night most likely. That way I can spend Tuesday night prepping for day 1. I'm really mentally exhausted and ready for this and I can tell because I'm in the prep mode earlier than usual :)

Ultimate Reset Tips Part 2

Another video with reset tips!  This time focusing on what is going on during the reset instead of prep.  I hope it's helpful to people new to the reset and if you have any questions please let me know.

What is the ultimate reset? Check it out here:

I will be starting the reset for the 3rd time next Wednesday.  It's time for a tune up and to reset my brain.  After a move and a new job and a lot of things happening I just am ready to woosah.  If you would like to reset with me, you need to purchase your kit by April 23rd otherwise you will have to pay for rush shipping to have your kit in time. If cost is an issue - contact me at as there are some ways to bring the price down even more if you need to in order to get your hands on this really awesome program. It saved my life...I'm convinced I would still be gaining weight if I had not done it so I would love to work with you to figure out a way to help you make this work!




Ultimate Reset Tips - Part 1

  I have done the ultimate reset 2x so far and I am getting ready to do it again on April 30th.  As I prepare, I wanted to share some tips and a little bit on my personal history with it. is a video!

I created the questions from what friends and family doing/preparing for the reset have asked me.  If you have any questions please ask them and if I haven't answered it in part 2, I'll create a part 3!

What is the ultimate reset?  Check it out here:

If you would like to join the team starting the reset on April 30th, order by April 23rd at the LATEST to receive it on time.  Once you order you can log into the participant portal to get your grocery lists so you can be 100% prepared to start with us on the 30th.  If cost is an issue - contact me at as there are some ways to bring the price down even more if you need to in order to get your hands on this really awesome program.  It saved my life...I'm convinced I would still be gaining weight if I had not done it so I would love to work with you to figure out a way to help you make this work!



Minnesota Super Saturday

Today was Super Saturday!  Super Saturday is a quarterly Beachbody event for coaches (guests can come too though!) where it's part business (learning about what is coming down the pike for the company, personal development) and part fitness (because you can't put a bunch of Beachbody coaches together and NOT workout).  I actually never really went before this year to one but now that I have, I will NEVER miss one unless I really have to miss one.  It's a great opportunity to meet other local coaches and just to be surrounded by ridiculous positivity. Before I go into what I really got out of it...a few pics!

10178041_10103739198882283_5257466425582547355_n 10172762_10103739199091863_1398043942915365868_n

Today was also good for me to put a fire under my ass again.   In the door prize contest for most weight loss in the room....well I was #2.  Only one person beat me and he lost an amazing 125 lbs.  Well done sir!  Now even if I reach my goal by June 28th (next Super Saturday) I still wouldn't beat that guy because my goal is less than 125.  BUT it reminded me how far I have come.  How much work I have done so far and how I should really stop being so blah about that part of this journey.  I'm always looking forward and looking at what's left.  But what is important and what has made me who I am today is what I have already accomplished.  If there is nothing else I took from's that I need to keep in mind my success so far and never forget that.

It was also good because...well I have been slacking with workouts.  Partially diet related but fully not excusable.  I was tired from my eating and I let that dictate my mornings.  So I didn't exercise like I should and I was too busy around lunch at work to squeeze in a workout so I let that be an excuse.  Too many excuses = too many missed workouts.  Then today we did 21 Day Fix Plyo Fix.


All those missed workouts and poor diet choices were like HI KIM I'M HERE!!!!!  I have only done that workout once before and I knew it was hard but whoa it was way harder today.  Okay.  I'm listening.  I already was but I'm REALLY listening now.

Even before today I had decided that today was going to be the first day of being back on a plant based diet.  I went to the grocery store last night and stocked up on some delicious produce.  I went to Super Saturday with strawberry Shakeology blended up with cherries and a banana (the best thing ever) and a big container of fruit - strawberries, apple, banana.  I had a big salad and a pear for lunch and broccoli and chickpeas for dinner.  All very very clean and delicious and PERFECT.  I haven't felt this great in a while between all the plants and the exercise.  And after Super Saturday...well I am beyond motivated to keep going.  I'm going spend the next 2ish weeks eating pretty clean and working out regularly on schedule.  Then I'm going to reset and really kick myself in to high gear.  Post-reset - I'm probably going to do insanity or insanity/p90x hybrid until I head off to Vegas for Beachbody Summit.  Big plans but I am ready to bring my best self to Vegas and the next BB event.  I want to submit that best self for the BB challenge in June and I want to be able to stand longer at June Super Saturday as they count down the weight loss.

Focus.  Drive....let's DO THIS!

Breaking up with the Containers

After another week of being on the fix I think I have decided I'm officially done with it.  It's a great program but it's really just NOT for me as I just don't feel as good on the meal plan.  The workouts are amazing and I love love them.  But the meal plan isn't working for me as far as how I feel.  And since I decided when I started beachbody I would absolutely stop dieting for the sake of dieting I think I need to remember that.  My internet soul sister Kehau and I were on Voxer today and she talked about how she felt like it wasn't aligned with her mind and that clicked SO much with me.  Then tonight I watched a video from Fully Raw Kristina about why she went vegetarian.  That video REALLY clicked with me.  She talks about how she started eating meat after a stint vegetarian because she felt she had to for society and because it was what everyone said she should do.  That REALLY hit home with me because I have been mentally struggling with that exact issue. I felt amazing eating mostly vegan and eating more carbs and I know that I can find a way to reach my goals with that diet because I know many people with that diet who look like freaking rockstars.  It's funny because when I think about the 30 day push (goal setting program) the idea is to live a life with goals in line with your priorities.  So why am I choosing to continue to pursue a goal with a meal plan that is NOT aligning with me????  Pressure to try it because it's essentially the diet every nutritionist has given me.  Pressure because I'm ready to be at my goal weight NOW and feel like I am a pseudo fail because I'm still not there yet.  Pressure to fit in and not have to have accommodations for my food tastes.   Aside from the pressure I'm realizing that my food tastes are starting to change in not a good way.  Fresh produce doesn't have the pop it had before and that makes me sad.

So I declare that today.  Well I guess tomorrow since I ate dinner a bit ago and am done for the day...I am going back to eating what makes me feel good and energetic.  Lots of fruit.  Some vegetables.  Lots of RAW produce.  Dinners of plant based foods.  Delicious foods that feed my soul and keep me balanced mentally unlike how I feel right now.  I also am thinking about getting the Ultimate Reset and starting with Kehau on the 30th of April.  I have done this program twice before and it is truly a life changing experience.  After all this back and forth I think I might do it to just reset mentally.  I'm going to decide probably in the next week or two on purchasing  it!