1000 Rep Dream Body Workout

Today's mission, the 1000 Rep Dream Body Workout from April 18th  I'm not gonna lie - this workout scared me.  I started off planning on doing half the workout but after getting into it quickly decided I would go for the whole thing.  Because I did that, I had a weird split.

Kim's Version of the Dream Body Workout
Complete 25 reps of exercise 1-10 and exercise 11 as written.  Then repeat.

1) Half Burpees
2) High Knees
3) Bag Drop & Half Burpee Tuck Jump – 20 lb bookbag
4) Scissor Lunge
5) Elavated Plank Knee Tucks – Elbow & Cross (Alternate between L&R Legs)
6) Touch Floor Jumping Jacks
7) Lunge & Kick – Left Leg 
8) Tuck Jumps/High Knees
9) Lunge & Kick – Right Leg 
10) Criss Cross Reach Through Abs (Alternate between L&R Legs)
11) 250 High Knee Skips
Time: 46 minutes and 44 seconds
Oh.  My.  God.  This workout was beyond insane.  I worked hard, really hard and I feel really good about that.  I honestly did not think I could do this workout, which is why I had planned to just do half of it.    When I got through the bag drops, which was seriously the hardest thing in this workout, and did the next exercise or two, I realized I could do the full sets.  It was hard, don't get me wrong.  I had LOTS of water/rest breaks and I also had to pause to watch the video for a second to remember what number 5 was.  Still, I'm pretty impressed with my time and the fact I actually did finish the whole thing :)