I had a pretty interesting conversation with my husband the other day about healthy food.  It went something like this:

Him: Hey, did you know processed food was unhealthy before this? (this being the ultimate reset)
Me: Uhh...yeah?
Him: Is that why you told me to stop eating so much cereal?
Me: Um...yeah.
Him: Yeah I didn't realize that until I read this other article....

He went on to talk about how what got him interested in the reset and what got him to realize the problem with processed foods were the same thing - the control issue.  The fact that eating processed foods can lead to a very addictive cycle and process that leads you to really feel out of control with cravings for certain foods.

This was really interesting to me because I think a lot of people don't understand that the crap (and yes I mean crap) foods that we eat sometimes are doing a lot more to our bodies than we realize.  Big Food knows that by loading us up with sugar and additives they create a cycle where we just buy more and more because we crave it.  It's not just lack of will power that keeps us with our oreo cookie or ben and jerry addictions - it's the fact that our bodies send signals to our brain that say NEED and WANT.  And then we lose our minds and beat ourselves up.

All the media says eat less!  move more!  eat low fat!  eat low sugar!  But nobody explains the addictive properties of processed foods.  Nobody really tells you that the answer isn't really eat less - it's actually eat natural.  Eat food that actually rots.  And nobody explains WHY this is necessary.  It's necessary to get your body to work optimally and function correctly.  It's necessary to get your body to break the cycle.

Is it more complicated?  Yes, no lies here.  It means doing more cooking/prepping and less heat it up and go (on the front end).  It means it may take a little longer to prep your food.  It doesn't mean hours more, but it will be a little longer than 5 min from box to microwave to place.  It may mean taking your favorite meals and making them from scratch.  Instead of buying a box of hamburger helper, it just means buying the components in a fresher less preservative filled version and putting it together.  It may mean learning to make your own pizza dough.  It may mean making a conscious decision to cut back on meat because the better varieties of meat are more expensive than their processed and poorly raised counterparts.  It can mean starting by cutting out one thing this week and replacing it with actual food.

But at the end - it's going to make you a healthier, happier, and yes thinner human being.