2 Weeks In

Tuesday night I had my 2 week check in with Max Muscle and my nutrition plan.  Want to see how I did with 2 weeks of eating right?

Weight: -3 lbs
Body Fat: -.9%
Fat Mass Lost: -3.78 lbs
Lean Mass Gained: +.78 lbs
Chest: +1 in
Waist: -.5 in
R Bicep: -.25 in
Hips: -.5 in
R Thigh: -1.75 in

Note that initial measurements were in the morning wearing sweats and now I check in at night after work and eating 4 meals of my 6 wearing my usual layers on top and fitted thicker leggings on the bottom.  So the measurements are hard to read into a lot considering I know my clothing was very different.  I'm going to consistently wear the work clothing from here on out so that should help.  I'm most excited about the almost 4 lbs of fat that I've lost.  That's more important than the 3 lbs on the scale because that means that I'm actually losing fat - not just water weight and muscle mass.

I'm pretty pleased with this info and it was exactly what I needed after a rough day.  I was really down on Tuesday and seeing that my hard work is making a difference really helped me perk up and have the motivation to keep it moving.  My nutrition coach made some tweaks to my program - dropping the overall calories a bit (about 200) and bumping up my protein for a few meals and down on the carbs.  I'm happy about those tweaks because I do struggle to eat all my food sometimes.  I also get BREAD for lunch - hello sandwich :)  I still have sweet potatoes that I made before I got this tweak so I'll probably have those this week, then next week I can have a sammy and salad for lunch, nice and a few more options open up for sure.

Okay I'm beat - I just knocked out an Insanity workout (Plyo Cardio Circuit) and now I'm going to get ready for work.  I have a meeting up north and I'll have possibly the afternoon to work at home meaning I can finally knock my laundry out while reviewing some documents and answering emails.  Multi-tasking is my thing :)