It's January 1st.  A new year and a whole lot of things that I want to get done before 2016.  2014 was amazing.  I got what is essentially my dream engineering job with an amazing company.  I get to work in a field that I believe is helping people live better lives.  We live in a place where the hubby was able to get off the contract job merry go round and get a full time position again.  Moving to Minnesota has been one of the BEST moves we have made as a couple. 

But now it's time to dream bigger.  The biggie for the hubs and I is a house.  A home of our own with room for a little gym, a nice kitchen to cook in and just a place to call permanently ours.  We have moved a zillion times to different apartments and different locations.  Now that we are in Minnesota we want to stop feeling like nomads.  So half of my goals have to do with the house situation.  Saving up, paying down debt, trying to be responsible with money.  The rest have to do with me. 

My biggest goal is honestly weight loss (duh).  My second big goal - time management.  I'm TERRIBLE at it and I used to be a rock star at it.  My new job takes a completely different time commitment and it has thrown me for a loop.  I also have struggled with my morning workouts in the dark fall/winter of Minnesota so I've been working out at night because I have needed more sleep.  So essentially my to do list that I used to tackle at lunch and after work lingers for weeks/months because I just can't find the time to get a lot of the things on it done (note the date of my last blog post if you want any indication of my complete failure to be a reliably responsible human being).   I've handed off some of my household to dos that I have had forever to the hubby because I have not had the time to do them or the mental capacity to track them properly.  I was always a pen and paper girl but the reality is that with this schedule and this lifestyle I have now, that isn't working for me. 

So step 1. I started the 30 Day Push again.  I need to completely re-evaluate things and frame them in my new reality. 

Step 2. I'm trying to be digital.  I need things to beep at me and buzz and flash or something for a while.  I need something to say KIM REMEMBER TO DO THIS NOW!   And since no matter where I am, even when I'm in a country where my phone is turned to airplane mode because I don't have international data plans....I have my phone with me.  And now that I have a 64 GB phone - there is room for all the things.  I just can't rely on memory or even remembering to check my paper list right now.  This is the #1 reason my other goals were short in 2014 - failure to follow through.  The only thing I DID do consistently is workout.  So there's that I guess.  But that isn't enough for 2015. 

Step 3. De-clutter.  I have too much crap.  I have no place to put some of my crap.  I have crap I don't use but WANT to use but don't have the time scheduled now so it takes up room where crap I need to have should go.  You might be thinking - what does clutter have to do with weight loss or time management?  A lot.  Clutter is a distraction.  It means looking for things harder than I should.  It causes chores I don't need (like dusting things you never look at or having to organize things you should sell anyway).  It means buying furniture that you don't want to hold things you don't need (budget drain  and more cleaning).  I'm not saying I'm going straight up minimalist.  But it's time to let go of some things in 2015. 

Step 4. Meal planning.  I abhor it at times.  But bottom line - when I plan a week in advance and eat that food, I lose weight, I don't cheat, and I don't waste time trying to figure out what to cook during the week.  I'm going to use my containers going forward for portioning but plan out the meals in advance so everything is cooked and ready to go.  I'm also going to cook more casseroles and meatloaves and the like because it's easy to eat and easy to portion and generally delicious.  And I'm going to drink more green smoothies because there isn't a better way to stuff 2-3 cups of spinach down your gullet than drinking them.  To be honest if I worked in a place where I could have a blender (don't laugh, we had one in my old company office) then I would probably drink a Shakeology for breakfast, a green smoothie mid morning and another one in the afternoon then eat a snack at some point during the day then eat dinner. 

And lastly - step 5.  Which I am about to do right now - I need to get to bed on time again.  I let my sleep priority slip a LOT.  I was working out at 11pm a lot. Too often.  Then too amped up and up until 1 in the morning.  I was in bed 6ish hours but sleeping only 4-5.  This is a big problem.  Not enough sleep impacts weight loss and impacts your ability to function highly.  This is why I was so messed up on time.  I was sometimes coming home, cooking dinner (failure to meal plan/prep), taking a nap, waking up then working out.  As I said earlier - working out was my priority and I honored that.  But my life got a weird rhythm to it this fall.  Not ok. 

So that's my 2015 plan.  I'm going to share as I go what I do and hopefully I can have a more productive year!