25 Tenacious Minutes

Okay - it's HERE guys!  It's about one week out from the start of my Focus T25 test group- 25 Tenacious Minutes - and I am SO excited.  I posted the group today along with the participant info so you all know exactly what we are about to get ourselves into for the next few months.  This week we will start working on planning for week 1 - whether you are going to do the fast start or just eat clean.  It's going to be awesome and if you are interested in joining us there is still a little time left to get in the group and a few more spots- email me at kimbfitblog AT gmail.com and I can reserve your spot now! I'm FINALLY over this crazy stomach bug and feeling back to normal.  I didn't quite workout as much as I wanted to this week, but I'm okay with that because I obviously needed to rest to feel better.  I will certainly kick some major butt this week though - in the living room (aka the gym) and in the kitchen.

My exercise plan is to modify things just a little since I am kind of bummed about missing some of my favorite workouts this week.  The Fire 45 EZ and Combat Warrior 1: Upper Body.  I'm going to try to get those in somehow, those are two workouts I LOVE and I need to get them in before going into Focus T25.  I also may do some yoga again this week, I miss it and the studio has a special right now for only a few classes which fits in with my life plans.

My food plan is to go through my frozen foods in my freezer and eat them up.  I have a TON of frozen vegetables - single serve (will be perfect to take for lunch) and stir fry mixes.  I also have frozen potatoes, brown rice, veggie burgers, and some veggie lasagna that is our "back up" meal for if we run out of pre-prepped food to try to keep ourselves from eating at restaurants when we shouldn't.  I have plenty of food there along with a cabinet of beans, rice, soups, and pasta to fill out the week for 2 people.  I will go get some fresh produce and some eggs and I will be set for the week!  Nothing fancy going down this week - just planning on getting in the calories and macros I need with what I have.

Hope everyone is having a healthy and happy weekend!!