3 Weeks In

Yesterday was my 3 week check in at Max Muscle.  How did I do?

Stats as compared to week 2 check in:
Weight: -5 lbs (yeah...I don't know.  but I also don't care and am happy!)
Body Fat: 41.1% (down .8%)
Excess Fat lbs: -4 lbs
Lean Weight: -1 lb

I don't have all of my inches recorded from my sheet since she didn't send me the update yet.  But I did lose basically everywhere except my forearm and my hips.  Those stubborn hips!  I lost over an inch on my thigh and I could tell before she even measured.  The last few days I have been feeling like my thighs look better, so it was interesting to see the tape confirm.

Leslie was really happy with my progress so far (duh, right?) and I don't think she is going to update anything as far as the plan and what I'm eating.  I think it's interesting that she thinks I'm hungry and I always tell her no.  I'm not hungry.  I actually struggle sometimes to eat all the food on the plan because I'm so unhungry.  I think it's because most people assume that being big = eating TONs of food.  I didn't eat tons of food.  I'm not saying I didn't overeat, because I did have larger than necessary portions.  But every meal wasn't a whole pizza or a snack of a box of doughnuts or a whole this or entire that.  90% of the time, I just ate the wrong stuff.  Like a Panera Sandwich and soup and cookie isn't a ton of food.  But it still can be over 1000 calories in one sitting.  So food wise, I'm eating much much more at one time than I was before.  Also things like lettuce and fresh vegetables and oatmeal fill you up FAST.  Yes, I can probably eat half a box of captain crunch in one sitting with milk.  But I cannot eat that equal volume in oatmeal at all.  I spend less in groceries eating clean because of this and actually find it MUCH easier to stick to the budget.  I imagine once I finish stocking my spice rack and some other clean eating basics, I will be under easily.

Anyway, 3 weeks in, I'm down 8 lbs and a whole lot of inches...who can complain!  Still working on doing better, being cleaner, and being more active.  But I'm happy with these steps I'm taking and the results I'm seeing!