4 Weeks In!

Check in Time!!!!

Weight - down another 2 lbs and passed the 10 lb mark!
BF% - up .3%. Now this doesn't mean I gained any fat...keep reading
Lean Mass - DOWN 2 lbs and Fat Mass all stayed about the same

See, this is what happened this week.  I lost 2 lbs, but the machine read it as coming from muscle mass.  So because of that, my body fat went up.  The goal is always to lose fat and not muscle, but the bottom line is that if you have a lot of weight to lose like I do, you will lose some muscle and a lot of fat.  But the other issue is that I do my body fat in the evenings so the readings may also slide around because I'm eating all day and exercising or not exercising the morning of my readings.  All of that impacts my numbers.  But the big thing - I'm losing weight and I'm definitely losing inches.  Some of my pants are starting to look like MC Hammer is my stylist.  Not cool.  I still have some smaller sizes that fit weird because my bum is still the biggest part of my body and hindering my drop down in pants sizes.  So it will take a little longer to get down in pants.  But my shirts are definitely about to go down a size.  That is definitely happy dance time.  I've been at this a month and I'm incredibly pleased with all of it.

Had my first training session tonight.  Oh my lord.  Homebody gave me a great workout/assessment and I'm already sore in the abs and the thighs.  I did a LOT of squats and lunges.  Weighted jumping jacks.  Planks.  Some new evil ab torture exercise called ballet drops.  I was sweating to a point where I just took my glasses off because they weren't staying on.  It was intense.  And I loved it.  I have 3 sessions left (everyone got one free one, so I have 4 total).  I am excited to get them in.  I wish I could work with this guy long term, but budget wise, I'm not sure I want/can/should spend the money.  Maybe every few months buy a few to get myself a new outlook on life?  We will see...but I'm looking forward to getting one in next Wednesday.