Yogi Kim

Hey friends!

I am so so excited because I am going to spend the next few weeks doing YOGA in addition to INSANITY!  I have never done yoga in a real studio more than a one off class here and there.  I've done a lot of yoga with P90x One on One Fountain of Youth and P90x Yoga X over the past few months.  Also every workout program from Beachbody has a stretch/recovery workout at least once a week if not daily....so I have been stretching quite a bit lately and finding that it is something I really enjoy.  Increased flexibility is a HUGE athletic goal of mine.  It helps improve your range of motion (which means that I can get into better position for the different exercises and not get injured), relieves stress, and helps reduce recovery time post exercise.  It is in general really good for your body, especially when you are doing body punishing workouts like INSANITY.  You can't expect to push your body to the limits without giving it the care it deserves and still function.

Yoga memberships are pricey and I don't really know if I will be able to use it as much as I would want.  A lot of studios offer a very inexpensive 30 day rate for new students (mine was under $40 for a month of yoga, they want to get you hooked!) and it's a good way to try out different types of yoga classes and see how often your schedule allows you to attend classes.   Most studios have varying packages - pay a year in advance, monthly rates, drop in rates or class punch cards - and doing the 30 day yoga challenge so to speak will let you figure out which type of membership is the right price or none of them are the right price because you hate going to a real live yoga class regularly :)

Anyway, I'm super excited to try this out.  I wanted to do it in conjunction with INSANITY because I'm going to be beating my body up pretty good in my AM workouts and I figured that the yoga classes in the evenings a few times a week will really help me stretch it out, especially the hot yoga classes!

Anybody else a yogi out there?  Any tips?  I have gone to hot yoga classes here and there, but not in many years (like 6).

Also sharing a progress photo.  The pic on the left is the side view of the picture in the same shirt in my header taken in September.  The pic on the right side was from this week wearing the same shirt, but different pants.  I had to finally throw those left side pants away because they were finally just way too big.  I'll probably wear this shirt forever though, it's a great reminder of how far I have come and how much I have changed my life and my outlook over the past months.  The crazy thing is, I had already lost 22 lbs BEFORE that picture was taken.  Definitely glad I am on the path that I am on these days.