7 INSANE Days Left!!

Okay friends....today was the first workout of the LAST week of INSANITY!  I can't believe how fast this round has gone compared to the first round where I struggled much more to get through the workouts.  This time I am much stronger than before and I can tell.  I am doing Max Sports Interval Training instead of CCB and I think that is giving me an edge in the strength department.  Max Sports and CCB are very similar in format.  Max Sports is a tad bit longer, but I really like the big variety of exercises and how they are themed in Max Sports a lot.  PLUS I notice a soreness after Max Sports (the good kind of soreness...) that I don't have after CCB.  I'm not sure why that is honestly...CCB is NOT easy for me...but I like it :)  Both workouts are some of my favorites in the whole program though! With this being the last week, it's time to really focus on nutrition to get me through.  There are seven days in a row of workouts - hard workouts - so I need to make sure I have the energy to get through the day.  So I'm packing a few extras in my lunch box, tons of raw veggies and product to get me through the day energized and packing beans, eggs, and more green veggies for protein.  Oh and having Shakeology every single morning (which I usually do anyway).  I'm making sure to eat clean and am focusing on how I feel to guide my decisions on what I need, I'm getting better at that..  I also probably will go to bed just a little bit earlier because I haven't been getting enough sleep for my morning workouts.  It's sometimes hard to do this because I like spending the evening with my husband.  But in reality it's only about 15 extra minutes I need, which isn't much all things considering.  I have to remember to tell myself that tonight :)

I am really curious to see how my body has changed though.  I don't feel the dramatic changes like I did the first time.  The first time my stomach completely changed shape and I had such a huge visible difference it was kind of crazy.  Now, I am very close to the point where I am almost done with the weight loss portion of this journey and moving into the toning/sculpting phase and don't have as much fat to lose.  I do feel stronger and feel like most of the changes are in the definition of my upper body and the general size of my lower half.  But I guess we will see in a week!!