ALDS vs. Turbo Pump

So I'm a big baseball fan.  I follow my home team (go Tigers!) and unfortunately, this means that I'm stuck watching ALDS games that start at 9 or 9:30 pm here on the east coast.  Not Cute.  Not at all.  I've tried taking naps but that just doesn't work when I'm totally not sleepy at all.  So my sleep is jacked up.  I decided that I would do evening workouts today and tomorrow to stay on track because when a game ends at 1 am, getting up at 5 am is obviously not happening.  Especially when one of my fellow fans calls me at 1:15 am to discuss how we both stayed up way too late to watch our team lose.  

But my "health" angle on this is that life happens.  Baseball playoffs.  BBQs with friends.  Surprise birthday parties.  And we need to find the balance between living life and having awesome experiences and weight loss/maintenance.  It's good for us mentally to have fun with friends and do things we love so we can't stop that for weight loss.  With that said, here are a few tips for dealing with the times that life interrupts our life.
  1. Plan ahead.  If you know the schedule (like say 9pm baseball games) or that the party is coming up, figure out your game plan ahead.  Does it mean switching to evening workouts so you can get your sleep and get your workout in?  Bringing a dish with you so there is a safe item to eat?  Thinking about these events and activities before they happen can help you be ready for them when the time comes.
  2. Be realistic.  So once a year this event/party/thing/food happens.  Just once.  Be realistic about what you will do.  Is this the one time a year your Mom makes that favorite dish of yours?  The annual trip you take with your girlfriends?  Sometimes the thing to do is look at portions and situation instead of abstaining completely.  There are certain dishes that are family traditions and I only cook them on Thanksgiving.  I don't say I'm not going to eat them, but instead I make a rule about portion size/number of servings/what else I will eat.  I will have a small serving of dressing, but I will make sure that I have at least 2x the amount of vegetables on the plate as that dish.  Make a deal with yourself so you don't get that serious deprivation feeling but you don't overdo it.
  3. Employ an accomplice.  The buddy system and the community - it's huge.  It's one of the reasons I post links to my Beachbody coach page on here.  I want to build that community online for myself and for you guys as you join the team.  Having that friend you can text and say oh man this is rough, hold me accountable please or hey, let's go to this event together and make sure we don't screw up.  Or that buddy that you can call when you don't want to workout and say, hey, let's both do this workout together.  I do this with some of my friends and it's huge.  Now that  my husband is involved with being healthy we definitely have these chats.  It's how we got through the Reset, having that person who you know you don't want to let down. You can never have too many accomplices to lean on when you need help.  
Any other tips?  Leave them in the comments and share so we can all learn from each other!

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