August Already

I'm kind of blown away that we are officially in August already.  I'm trying to figure out what I did the first few months of the year because I certainly don't remember.

Did Insanity this morning (pure cardio).  It's definitely getting easier to stay with the video the entire time instead of taking a break every 2 minutes.  I still take lots of breaks - but I am noticing more exercises that I'm getting that whole minute of work in vs. before where almost every exercise had at least one break.  I really like the Insanity program - way more than I thought I would.

My workout schedule is such a mess.  I do a lot of insanity, some weight lifting, and some resting.  There is really no method to my madness right now even though I'm trying to plan.  I think because I'm conflicted about what I should do vs. what I want to do vs. what needs doing I'm just all over the place.  I think really deep down that as long as I'm moving and getting the intense cardio during the week a few times I'm fine.  But I do wonder if what I'm doing is right for my goals.

My nutrition plan got a little stricter this week - a little less bread and rice with a little more protein at meal times.  I don't really mind - the healthier bread and brown rice aren't my favorites.  She also wants me to have my breakfast on exercise days (meal 1) split - half right after I workout and half at the normal time.  Good idea but it again makes it hard with what to eat.  I guess I could do the smoothie, drink some, put it in the freezer until I get ready to head to work, then finish?  I also wish that of all the meals that had reduced carbs, breakfast was one, but alas, lol.  I'm going to do more egg burrito/rollup/something research this weekend.  With that, I could make 2, eat one right after and one later.  Or maybe it's time to check out the egg muffin recipes?

I wore my size 22 pants to work yesterday because I got told that my other pants were ridiculous.  They were really big (and comfy) and I know I should probably not wear them.  But they are comfy and I love comfy.  Anyway the 22s are not at all comfy.  But they do fit like pants are probably supposed to fit.  I'm going to go through this weekend and see what fits and what doesn't...something I should have done a while ago I suppose.  I mean after losing 30 lbs, one should probably not be wearing the exact same outfits like I am.

Speaking of losing 30 lbs - I've decided that 65% was upper body, 10% hips/butt, and the last 25% from my thighs.  I look decidedly more pear than I've ever looked.  I know lower body weight is harder to take off...I've read that lots of places.  And I'm trying to be patient, really.  No, really, I am.

My next reward is going to be this tank from FireDaughter.  I'm in love with it and I need it to be mine.  I think I will order it in another 15 lbs (because it's custom made and takes a while) and hopefully by the time I get it I'll have lost 20 and it will be my reward to myself (along with a nice pedi and/or massage!) for getting all the weight gain off.  I hope to be able to order that in 7 time to put a move on it.