Back on the Grind

Back home after a long time away.  7 days - 5 flights, 3 stops (including a short layover at home :) ) and I'm happy to report I weighed in one lb lighter!  I worked my hardest to stay on track while I was gone by picking options that were as close as possible to my nutrition plan, hitting the grocery store when I got to town, and exercising as usual.  It wasn't easy and it wasn't always fun, but I did my best.  I did have a couple of drinks while on vacation (because really - frozen rum drinks under palm trees is kind of necessary).  But I didn't go crazy - I mean literally a couple - one on Friday and one on Saturday.  I was frustrated at times for sure - it's not easy to drink a protein shake when your hubby is eating chocolate cake.  It's really really frustrating.  But it was really nice to come home and see that through all that I managed to lose a lb.

So back home.  I took this AM off from exercise because I was EXHAUSTED this morning.  After sleeping in and sleeping on my flights and sleeping on the beach -  waking up at 5:15 just wasn't happening today.  I think that's ok - rest is as important as everything else.  I'll be back on Insanity in the morning and I spent last night grocery shopping and prepping food for at least the first part of the week so I could get back on it food wise.

I'm STILL struggling with the egg white and oat situation.  I made a "oatmeal cake" and it just wasn't good. I think I just will stick with egg whites and tortillas or oats with a protein shake.  Eating them together in the ratios I'm supposed to just doesn't work for me with the recipes I've researched so far.