Back to Basics

It's so nice being at home for a bit. I'm using this week to mentally reset and get focused before I head back out of town. The healthy living post I mentioned a few days back has been really sitting with me and I decided that I'm going to tackle 2 things for the next few weeks:

1. Back to running
2. Cook at home / no diet food

I've been eating out or buying convenience foods a lot lately, and that has to change. Obviously when I'm on travel I have to eat out. But there is no reason for that when I'm in my home. I'm not focusing on it being super clean right now (although I'm trying to cook from scratch as much as possible and avoiding diet foods) as much as just focusing on cooking. I'll work on cleaning it up after I get the habit of eating at home back.

Running. Oh boy. I used to run a while back but I stopped a few weeks before my wedding (which was in 2010 - oops) . Running is not my favorite exercise - but it's for sure my most effective exercise. I'm really ready for change - and change takes work. Hard work. So I'm going to (slowly) start integrating running. I'm thinking 2 days a week to start and see how that goes.  I am going to do intervals of run/walk and not do back to back days.

That's where I sit today. I'm taking these two steps and working them to death. I know this won't be easy, but I need to start somewhere. My extremes need to be in focus and determination, so I'm picking my battles.  I spent a lot of time on travel this week frustrated, annoyed, and angry over my weight.  I'm really tired of that feeling.  It's not about the number on the scale - it's about feeling uncomfortable, feeling like my clothes are so ill fitting, feeling like I'm constantly trying to fit into a space that I am just too large for and just feeling like I can't even dress normally since I tend to wear loose fitting/not structured clothing because it's comfortable.  Don't get me wrong - I appreciate the weight I've lost to date.  I just am really ready to be fit and healthy.  Ready to not feel exhausted by trying to pretend my weight isn't bothering me and that I'm okay with it.  I'm not.  I'm ready to make change.  I am good on exercise (even though I didn't exercise much this week due to the physical nature of the work I had to do on travel - moving around 30 lb boxes while standing for hours in a dusty dirty building was physically draining).  Food is my issue.  So that's why I made two goals - one for exercise and one for food that both will push me to do more and to be better.