Back to the (new) Normal

Okay seriously ya' is SO nice to not have to cook everyday like we were on the reset.  Like SO awesome.  It's also nice to be able to not have a sense of dread when I go out to eat.  Today I went out with my fellow bridesmaids for my girl T's wedding and it was very easy to eat vegetarian.  Yep I'm still doing that.  One of my friends commented how weird it was to hear me to say I'm eating vegetarian and not missing meat because I've always been a meat evangelist.  I told her that I'm still getting used to that myself.  But I am finding it very easy still.  I told her I'm not a committed vegetarian, so don't flip out when she sees me with a burger :)

Other than not having meat, the other reset habit I have maintained is drinking a LOT of water (still about half my bodyweight in ounces) and not snacking.  After years of believing that I had to eat 5-6 small meals a day I'm enjoying eating just 3 regular meals.  It's just easier  - both for travel and for planning - than the small meals.  It's also cheaper and I'm finding the budget much easier to stick with, even though I'm shopping at Whole Paycheck more now.  Breakfasts I'm sticking with shakeology for now with misc frozen fruit and almond milk for now.  Although I do have a plan to have some pumpkin oatmeal since it's getting chilly and a smoothie isn't going to be my first desire when it gets below 60.  Lunches and dinners have been a variety of things.  Now that I'm back home from NC I did a meal plan for the week again that includes both vegan and vegetarian meals and portions large enough for leftovers (can you tell I love me a good leftover???).  As I'm new to doing my own plant based meal plan and am honestly not sure how big my servings will need to be, I picked up a few Amy's frozen vegetarian meals and a variety of pre-made soups in boxes and cans.  I figure these are my new backups.  I threw away a lot of old canned foods in my pantry and organized my spices and vinegars and oils and grains and nuts and seeds.  The (new) normal around here is so different that it really took me a few hours to get my kitchen ready and organized so I could do better with planning.  I actually now have a list printed out of all of the spices/oils/vinegars so I won't buy the same stuff over and over again (like I did during the reset, oops).

And the new habit I'm bringing back - it's exercise baby!!  Since the reset was over (okay maybe including the last day of the reset) I've exercised regularly again.  I love it.  I have lots of energy and feel like I'm powering through them.  I have followed the reset advice and not going full out.  Since I don't trust myself to really follow this advice, I'm making sure I do by planning exercise that isn't too intense.  Like the elliptical at the hotel or playing Dance Central at home.  I haven't done anything that I know is one of my intense hard workouts yet intentionally.  Not just because of the reset guidelines, but also because I'm scared of hurting my knees.  I don't have the best knees and I'm concerned that with 3 solid weeks off jumping right into my old routine will leave me broken.  So far I've definitely felt stiffness in my knees but no pain, so I know I'm doing the right thing.  I'm not sure what I want to do first as far as stepping up intensity, but it may be a more gym based strength training program for a few weeks to build up my legs a little more before jumping back into the interval training I love so much.  I will tell you it's really nice working out without the 20 lbs I had on me a week ago.  I feel amazing right now because last time I worked out I didn't feel this light.

Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow with my menu for the week and possibly a recipe to discuss.  I'm diving into vegetarian cooking with something that isn't just roasting veggies!