Beast Comes Out At Night

For most of us with a job, you have to pick when you workout.  Most of us with a 9-5 (or truly more like an 8-5) can't decide that 10:30 am is our workout time.  We have to decide between:

  • AM (before you start work)
    • Pros: Get it done and out of the way before anything can interfere
    • Cons: It typically means pushing your wakeup time at least an hour earlier and it's really hard to get to bed earlier. 
  • Lunch Break
    • Pros: Great way to break up the day, gives you a good break from stressors and I often come back refreshed and invigorated for the end of the day
    • Cons: Once you are at work, your job believes it is the priority and you may not be able to get away when you want if something is going on.  Also looking professional after a workout can be hard if you get a good sweat going and your hair looks...well like you did a workout. 
  • PM (after work)
    • Pros: Usually you have more time after work before bed anyway, so it's not going to alter your sleep schedule much/at all.  You are already awake and may get a better workout because you aren't waking up for part of the workout. 
    • Cons: Everyone is up and awake and may want your attention.  If your work day was stressful you could be worn out and want to skip a workout.  If you have trouble getting to sleep after a workout then you may struggle getting to bed on time afterwards.

For most of us we decide when we will workout based around when it is going to consistently happen.  And for me, that's been in the morning for the last 3 or so years.  I have gotten up somewhere between 5-6 am and done my workout.  It's been consistent, strong, and successful.  I've lost all my weight that way and I've sucked it up and fought myself to do it. 

And now, all of that is changing. 

Starting Monday when I start Body Beast, I will start working out after work.  My plan is to wake up about 45 min to an hour later, get out of the house and to work earlier.  Then I can leave for home earlier and get my workout (mostly) done before the hubby is home from work.  I've mentioned it to a few people and they are like WHAT???  I know.  It's a huge shift for me from my normal at home operations.  But it's time for a few reasons.

One of the reasons is that I'm shifting to a weight lifting program and I don't want to do it fasted.  I typically do a fasted workout because I have to do that.  Otherwise I would have to wake up another 30 minutes earlier and I just can't do that and maintain sanity.  I already can barely get to sleep when I'm supposed to go to bed to get up at 5:15.  Which brings me to another reason - I'm not awake.  I'm really not awake.  I'm going to bed around 9:45 pm and when my alarm goes off at 5:15 I'm really not at all ready to wake up.  I have noticed over the last few weeks (and even the hubby has commented on how little sun we have ALREADY here in Minnesota) and I have a feeling that is part of it.  I have always noticed the winter was a rougher time for me to wake up, but here it's starting much earlier and I'm honestly not sure I can fight myself for 4-5 months.  I've thought about how it's going to work when I'm doing the close to an hour long workouts in Body Beast some days and I honestly do not know how I will get them done.  At least get them done and get to work at an acceptable time.  Lastly, with feeling so tired lately, my workouts are shit.  I feel distracted and some days I really just want to sit down.  It's been a big fight with myself and it has to stop. 

My shift really is about only one AM con for me: it's not working right now. 

I have thought about this for a little while now but being on travel for work last week really was what made me decide to go with it.  Travel for me has always been a time when it's really easy to workout.  But one thing I have always noticed is that my workouts are on POINT.  Like extremely on point.  Good calorie burns, energy on point (without pre-workouts), and I slept like a baby.  I went to sleep around the time I normally sleep here and woke up around 6-6:30 am and life was good.  This really made me realize that for whatever reason, right now in my life, I need that extra bit of sleep and I need to do what's necessary to make that happen. 

I talked to the husband about these and laid out my plan for how I want to get this done and why so he would understand.  I'm using our 2nd bedroom which is our sometimes workout room as my Beast Dojo for this experiment.  That way if the door is closed he knows I'm working out. 

I'm excited for this experiment and to see how this works.  I'm hoping that this change will be a positive one for my workouts.  I'm sure over the next weeks with this change I'm going to figure out how to make this work better.  In my head it should be ok.  The one big issue is going to be when I have things after work.  But I'll figure that out as I go.