Bend but Don't Break November

This month has been a really rough one and I really wish I knew exactly why so I could change it and make it a little easier.  Seriously...I just feel somewhat out of sorts.  Maybe because there was so much going on -

The superstorm and worrying about my sister who was out of power and couldn't stay in her building in lower Mahnattan for a week.
The election and staying up for the returns because I'm just a political nerd like that and I could NOT get to bed not knowing the outcome and seeing all the speeches.
My hubby's contract job ending 2.5 months early and us having to re-think our entire life plan and come up with a decision for what he was going to do in about 72 hours while we were in different not even able to have a face to face to sit down and talk.
My team leader at work taking a new position and a new team leader coming in during a time where we have a million things going on and I'm the second in command and now wondering what my job will be with a new leader.

So yeah...just a few things going on that pretty much hit every aspect of my life in just the last 2 weeks and it has left me pretty run down and a little worn out.  So the past few days I pretty much have done just the basics - eat, sleep, exercise, work - and relaxed the rest of the time - read, sleep, relax.

But - I have my priorities in tact.  Seriously.  I have stuck to eating clean, even though Halloween was stressful and I have noticed as I get more tired that I'm more susceptible to the pull of the crap food.  I have not missed an INSANITY work out, oh hell no.  That's important right there.  Still cooking clean at home. Still focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel.  I may be bending by being at home a little right now and struggling with some things...but I'm not breaking.  I've come too far for that mentally and physically.

I told some friends that I knew would be very judgmental about becoming a Beachbody coach.  It was interesting how that went over.  They think of Beachbody as just being a sales organization and really didn't realize that there was anything else to it.  I think most people don't - I didn't.  I think they still don't realize what I get from this situation.  I was told that "oh it's going to be fun to tease you about this!"  It was hurtful to me that I would be teased for something that I'm doing to improve my health (that statement was made after I explained to them what I was doing)...but it reinforced to me that I needed to find a supportive community and I did the right thing.  These friends were my weight loss buddies before and I've always been different from them when it comes to certain things - clean eating and fitness.  And I think this made it clear how different.  It makes me even more driven to make a community for everyone that needs it to be open, friendly, and supportive. No judgement.  No bias - just success.  You should not be afraid to do what YOU need to do for YOU.  If you need to do WW or Jenny Craig, or Shakeology, or anything else - do it for YOU if it's what you need.