Body Beast Day 1

It's finally here!  After weeks of waiting I started Body Beast and my transformation with weights has begun. 

The menu was Day A and I was a fan of everything. I made zucchini fries for my dinner veggie. The only thing I was meh on was the tuna. It was just a little dry without mayo. I bought some beast approved olive oil mayo to add to it next time. But in general the food was all delicious and I was full and not hungry. 

The workout today was Bulk chest and tris. This was hard for me as my tris are WEAK!  Especially after the last few months of random workouts. But that's going to change with this workout. I used 6-18 lbs depending on move and where I was in the superset.  I pushed hard but I definitely think next week I will know better where to start after one workout under my belt. 

Tomorrow is the dreaded leg day!  I have done this workout before and it's a killer. I'm prepared to walk funky for a few days afterwards.