Body Beast Day 2: LEGS

Today was the dreaded build legs day. It's cardio and lots of lunges and squats. I really enjoyed it but I KNOW my butt is gonna be sore tomorrow. 

The one downside to week 1 of a new program is not knowing exactly what weights to start with. But I Am tracking everything so next go round I will pick better weights to start with. I will also know tomorrow by how sore I am. I worried I worked too low weight yesterday but today I feel sore in the right areas so I know I did ok. 

Now that I have had both days menus I'm happy to report everything is delicious. I really enjoy this method of food prep and I feel like it's easy to keep up with. I wasn't sure how much to make of some things, so I just need to keep an eye on it. Since I had to cook enough for the week plus my hubby, it was weird to count portuons. But I think next week I will just pick up extra ground turkey because that is a key ingredient and I can make most of these recipes in about 30 min in the evening for the next day if I run out before the end of the week. 

Speaking of food, I will leave you with a peek at some of tomorrow's meals. I am eating the day A menu tomorrow, all recipes from the Book of the Beast!