Body Beast Day 3: Surrogate Body Please!!

Today I felt that leg workout more and more as the day went on.  I figured this out by looking at my fitbit.  I usually am 10000-12000 steps a day.  Today, right now at 9pm at night?

5045 steps.

Yep, the DOMS is real. 

I will tell you though - 3 days into Body Beast and I really think that it was the right choice for me.  I knew I was getting irritated with cardio and I didn't realize it until I got to workout for the last 3 days with no cardio.  If you do not like this program.  Seriously.  I have not been hungry since I started and I am eating delicious clean food - yay!  My daily routine for food is killing it right now.  Essentially it's Shakeology first thing in the morning, then 3 meals per my menu at work.  I then have 70-100oz of water at work.  Once I get home I mix up my BCAAs and pre workout together and start drinking that while I change clothes.  By the time I start my workout I have about half that down and finish through the workout.  Post workout, I do Results and Recovery (which tastes amazing!) and cool down/shower.  After my shower I eat dinner and then go to bed about 2 hours later.  It's a pretty solid routine for nights but I really am digging it.  I'm going to be curious how it works going forward and I'm really interested to see my measurements as I go.  I haven't decided how often I will measure/weigh in yet, just not sure what makes sense.  I'm hoping to see a difference in my clothes sooner rather than later really. 

Tonight's workout was Build Back and Bis.  This one was weird because I didn't feel like I sweat that much.  I know I lifted pretty hard though, I went up to 18 lbs on some of the bicep moves for the drop set and I was feeling it by the end for sure.  I noticed by the end of the workout I was starting lower (6 lb start vs. 10 lb start) as there are so many bicep workouts in a row and I was struggling.  I loved the back portions though.  I really want to shape my back so that by next summer I'm able to wear some of these cute little shirts with lower backs and swimsuits without chub anywhere.  Plus I do feel that my core is really weak and a stronger back will really help me out with that.