Body Beast: Week 1 Catch Up/Wrap Up

Okay and here is my week 1 catch up post.  Work and life got a little crazy and I got behind on posts.  So first,  to catch up on a few workouts I didn't cover yet:

Cardio - I actually really like the cardio workout.  It was the first one I tried of Body Beast and I like the weights/strength component quite a bit.  That said, when you do it a few days after let day it is a TOTALLY DIFFERENT experience!  I was so sore that I could barely do some of the moves.  I used 5s and 10s but more 5s for arm exercises.  When I do this stand alone, I do 10s for everything.  Big difference when it's in the middle of the Beast program.

Back and Bis - This workout wasn't want I expected.  It was hard during the workout but I barely broke a sweat and didn't feel so sore afterwards.  I'm sure it was a good workout, it was just different than some of the other ones in that I wasn't totally wiped out at the end.  That was kind of nice for a change :)

Shoulders - Shoulders is when you find out how truly sore you are after doing all the other workouts.  During the warm up you are supposed to lift low weights.  For me, I grabbed 5s...that's the lowest weight I have.  And I quickly saw that I was super sore.  I usually can lift a decent amount on shoulder workouts but not this day.  I was much lower than I thought I would be on every move.  I also don't like doing shrugs on the ball.  I can't figure out what to do with my ball that likes to deflate.  I think my next purchase will be a bench only because the ball really limits me on some moves.  The perk of the ball was obvious here today though - I was struggling to keep my core tight, it was sore.

Tempo Chest and Tris - This was today's workout.  You have the option week one to do this or the regular Bulk Chest and Tris and I wanted to mix it up.  Tempo sounds like oooh, this might be a fast workout.  But no, no it was not a fast workout.  It was the opposite.  Let's move really slow and see if you can hold on.  I used 5 lbs for most of the workout because of the slow 6 counts.  I did like mixing this up, even if it was hard as heck, just so over the week I did 2 different style workouts of the one that is repeated. 

Okay now we are caught up!  I did a weigh in today - down 7 lbs.  I am pretty pumped because I spent a lot of effort on food this week and that allowed me to take off fluff I put on the week before.  I know that sounds like a ridiculous amount of weight for one week - but considering the yo yo up and down I've been doing, it's not that weird for me right now.  I have been bouncing in a 15 lb range for the last few months.  When I break out of that range for more than one wee - then I'll really celebrate.  This week I'm not celebrating the actual lbs lost, but instead the fact that I stuck with the meal plan.  I'm excited to see what this week brings. 

Workout wise - I'm such a beast fan right now.  I really love the workouts and yes...I'll say it again...I was ready for a cardio break.  I have also really enjoyed this schedule.  I love getting to work earlier (I'm getting in about an hour earlier) and I love the extra sleep.  I really need that time and not forcing myself into a 5 am workout is just having me loving life.  Waking up a full hour's glorious!!  I am really anxious to see results from this program and I can't wait for my next body fat check in 3 weeks.  I know that's weird...but I'm really curious about how it will change!  I'm actually considering going back between the Build and the Bulk phases instead of waiting a full month.  Then going again between Bulk and Beast, then a final one after Beast, at the end of the program.  That way when I do my between phase calorie/macro re-calculation, I have good data to use.  We will see.  I don't know if it's logic or if I'm just anxious to see results, LOL!