Breakfast Woes

Well it's time to address the breakfast topic.

My nutrition plan requires the following for breakfast:

3/4 C DRY oatmeal (this used to be 1 C dry but I begged for some relief, this is what I got)
8 egg whites (can be subbed out with a scoop of protein powder with similar macros)
1 cup melons (although I do sub in different fruit b/c really, who can eat melon every day??)

These ingredients don't really seem to go together all that fantastically.  At least to me.  But a quick google search showed me that these ingredients are very common in the bodybuilding and clean eating world.  So I sucked it up, and started working on how to make this work.  Especially considering I'm eating clean - so watching the sugar and sugary toppings for the oatmeal.  

Trial 1 - Cook up the oats and scramble up the eggs.  Verdict? HELL NO.  Not sure if you realize - but 1 cup of oats is MASSIVE when cooked.  That amount is what I normally would cook at home to feed multiple people.  And scrambled egg whites - uh no.  

Trial 2: Oatmeal Pancakes.  Verdict?  Better - but still massive.  I used some maple syrup on top to get through it (and didn't have the fruit thinking the sugar would cancel...a little).  It's a better option, but I only ate about 3/4 of this.

Trial 3: Oatmeal Cake.  Verdict? Okay so this chick said it tastes like cake right?  I think she needs to find better cake.    It was dense.  Like I ate 1/4th of the portion I was supposed to eat and was so full.  More choking down of food.  And it wasn't cake by anybody I know's definition.  

Trial 4: Give up and eat Subway.  Yeah - see I figured I could just eat a subway egg white flat bread and let the bread sub for the oats.  Pile with veggies.  Verdict?  Delicious of course - but I knew this wasn't a long term solution.  It got me through some days where the thought of more oats made me want to throw people.

Trial 5: Protein Oats.   Protein powder mixed into the oats.  Verdict?  Not bad with some stevia and a banana mixed in.  But still too much.  The bottom line with oats is that 3/4 cup dry makes a metric ton of oats when cooked.  I still want to try egg white oats, but maybe when I'm down to a much lower amount of oats.  After this, I decided I will never eat oats again...I managed to eat about 3/4 the bowl.

Trial 6: Panera is healthy...right?  Breakfast power sandwich w/ fruit cup.  Verdict?  Of course it tasted delicious.  And again, like the Subway, it's not sustainable.  But I think it was a good option for when I was desperate and tired and trying to keep myself from eating pizza for breakfast.  And guess what.  No effing oats!

Trial 7 (TODAY!!): Oatmeal Smoothie.  Verdict?  Folks - we may have a winner.  This is by far the BEST option I have found so far with my ingredients.  I made some modifications - used some 0% fat chobani, no honey, added protein powder, used 3/4 cup oats, a mix of strawberries/peaches/bananas b/c that was what was in my freezer, a little extra banana for creaminess, and used plain water.  Oh and a spoonful of chocolate PB2 because what isn't better when it's flavored with PB2?  Nothing, that's the answer.  Anyway - this is the first time since starting this plan that I actually finished an entire serving of protein + oats for breakfast.  Accomplishment for sure.  This is a keeper.

So that is my story of breakfast tried and failed for the last 3 or so weeks of the plan.  Mind you, I've only been in town for about 2.5 weeks of the plan - so these 7 breakfasts happened over that time frame.  I really have been experimenting!  I pin a lot of my internet ideas on my Max Muscle Nutrition Plan Board, so follow me over there if you want more ideas or try anything and want to leave a comment.  I leave a comment on all of the pins (on all of my boards) if I use/cook them so if you check out an idea you will see my comments if I have any.  If you make something please share so I can learn from you!

I think my next idea is to run the macros on theese egg bake  and spinach quiche recipes.  I've had the egg bake before and LOVE it.  If it fits, it's a good keeper to rotate.  I also think quiche is a good fit for breakfast and will be very filling in a decent portion size.