Breathing through the Stress

Let's talk stress peeps.  Between work and home and all the stuff in between - there are lots of things to stress us out.  Stress is really bad for you as it triggers hormones that make you hold on to weight.  In addition, at least for me, stress eating is a big thing.  It was a big thing that caused me to put weight on in the past because nothing makes you feel less overwhelmed than a pint of ben and jerry's....or at least it seems that way in the moment.  Whether it's the stress of bad traffic on the way home or losing a job - the magnitude of the trigger doesn't matter when you go into that tailspin. I'm not going to tell you to not be stressed out.  That's dumb and it's unrealistic because life has stress.  So what to do when stress does happen?  Deal with it and live in it before you do anything.

One thing I learned during the Ultimate Reset was that one of the biggest triggers for emotional eating is not dealing with the emotion.  You swallow it and you suppress it and you let it eat at you so you eat through it.  No.  No good.  When emotions are high (and stress is an emotion) you have to kind of accept it for a second and actually feel it and let yourself be sad, mad, cry, scream, whatever you need to do for a second.

Then, you go do something about it.  Because now you have actually felt the emotion and that is what fuels you into dealing with the real problem.  Dealing with the stress/emotion could be just going back into the room with your screaming baby or it could be as big as realizing that it's time to look for a new job.  But see, now that you have actually let yourself sit in that stress, in that uncomfortable place where you aren't feeling now know that you HAVE to do whatever that next step is.  And your stress is fueling a positive change or movement in your life instead of fueling a binge or some other negative movement.

And what's great about that - you didn't increase the number of stressors in your life by eating your way through it and adding the guilt or weight gain that may have caused.

Disclaimer:  A girls night is also a very acceptable option.  Sometimes drastic times call for drastic measures.