Cardio Break-Up (for now)'s true.  Me.  Little miss cardio queen.  I'm making a change for the fall.  I'm changing from a high cardio mostly cardio program to a mostly strength program.  I'm both terrified and excited to make this change but I know it's time because I'm just not excited about cardio anymore and I do know my body responds to weights (heavy weights, not light ones) very well.

You know me - I'm a home workout girl.  Even though I have access to a gym at my apt and at work, since I need to work out first thing in the morning to be consistent with working out, home just makes sense.  Having to get up and go somewhere else at 5:30 am is just not happening.  I've tried. 

So starting September 28th, I'm starting up Body Beast with my bestie Keyshia and a few other friends. 

Why Body Beast? For one, the workouts are not all an hour long a la P90x.  For two, I like listening to Sagi over Tony (so so sorry Tony...but it's true).  And for three, because it has a program option to help you lean out (for me) or for packing on muscle if you are already at/near your desired weight (for the bestie).  In my research on it some of the stories of the women who have transformed their bodies with this program are pretty awesome.  Like this one here. 

It's a program almost anyone can do and it's not very expensive (you can pick it up for less than $40).  Equipment wise you just need weights, bands or a pull up bar, and a bench or stability ball.  I have weights, bands, and a stability ball. 

If you want to join us, check out the program here:

Along with my option 2 kit, I am also going to use Results and Recovery post workout.  I am going to modify the meal plan a smidge as I will be eating more plant based than protein based. 

If you are interested in joining me, please drop me a line and let me know!!!  I'm really excited for this shift and to do this together with some other Lady Beasts!