Catch Up Time!

Hey world :)  I've been super busy with work and traveling for work so I got a little behind in my posting but I'm back!  Thought I'd share a few thoughts and some new stuff that is going on.

Morning workouts....I love you.  Seriously.  This week I switched to night to meet with the trainer and it pretty much sucks.  I feel so low energy all day, low energy at the gym, trouble sleeping and still wake up before my alarm.  No way, sorry back to mornings ASAP!

The hubs and I have been talking about health a lot lately.  I happened to mention the Beachbody Ultimate Reset to him and he kind of ran with the idea.  Ran with it to the fact that we have actually ordered it and will probably be starting in mid September.  Oye.  I promised him that if he wanted to do it, I would do it with him all solidarity like.  Why do I make these promises?  Love?  Anyway, we talked about it and I actually decided to sign up as a coach to place the order.  I know why there are a million coaches now - the discount if you are buying things regularly (which I kind of have already with them...hmmm) is WAY worth it.  For us to buy all the reset kits and the shakeology we both decided to throw on after research since my schedule especially is highly unpredictable, well let's just say we saved a ton of money.  I don't plan on being a pushy seller or anything like that because those pushy Beachbody coaches all kind of freak me out, don't worry.  And I also have been a fan of Beachbody for a while - I own 6 of their exercise programs and never coached when I was buying those.  Those I really did buy honestly because I really just liked their product and wanted to try these programs.  Ironically, I suck at doing 60 or 90 days of anything, but I still buy all these 60 or 90 day programs.  Shrug.

I will probably journal the Ultimate Reset fairly detailed just because I think if I commit to journal it, I'll keep honest with it.   It's a pretty big commitment and you don't workout during it really except yoga and walking and stretching so I'll be going CRAZY most likely by day 4.  I'm concerned about the diet options...but I'm excited by them.  I'm concerned because it is a challenge.  I've read almost the entire beachbody forum on Ultimate Reset before we ordered and I am convinced that I can get through it, but I know it will be a challenge.  I almost said no because I travel and it's somewhat unpredictable.  But then I decided no, that really can't be a reason I don't do it.  My schedule is ALWAYS an excuse for why I don't stick to anything and from what I can tell there are ways to make it happen.  I really really hope to get out of the program a better relationship with food, kick some cravings, and also a better situation in the kitchen for the hubby and I.  We have never been in the same place with dieting/healthy eating/healthy lifestyle so if this puts us on the same book (let alone the same page - oh rejoice!) then that is worth the total cost of admission.  That difference of opinion on trying to be healthy has made weight loss and sticking to a meal plan very difficult for me over the years and I'm just really hoping that at the end of all this we will be of the same or at least a closer mind.  Anyway, I'm not sure when we will start.  We will get it probably while I'm on girls getaway vacation and I believe our thought is to start at some point after the holiday.  We can spend the long weekend reviewing the materials and figuring out what we need, ect.

I love having a trainer.  The workouts are killer and I'm losing inches like crazy.  FOUR off my stomach in the past 2 weeks and I'm totally wearing all my old pants.  But I miss Insanity, lol.  And my morning workouts.  And BodyRock which lately I've totally abandoned and really really miss!!  I struggle with balance in my workout schedule for sure.  I love all the weight training but need to figure out how to kind of get it all in.  Like a day of insanity, a day at the gym, a day of bodyrock - rest, repeat.  Something like that would be almost ideal and get me to not miss any of the things I love or things I need.  My friend suggested I do a week of each, which is also an intriguing idea.  That would be a constant shake up of things and might be a good way to stay excited.  Basically pick a program of the week so to speak and go after it.

Speaking of inches.  I've lost like zero inches on my butt in 1.5 months.  Thighs, arms, and especially the stomach are ridiculous.  But my butt is almost exactly the same.  It's kind of ridiculous and it's why my old pants while I can wear them - they are still a bit tight in the booty zone.  I know you can't spot I'm just patiently waiting for all the work I'm doing to eat enough fat everywhere else to decide to hit the butt.  But I can gripe about it a I am :)

Vacation starts in ONE week.  Excited isn't even the right word.  It's also the last week of the weight loss challenge we are doing.  I'm in 2nd place right now and I'm about 100% sure this past week wasn't one of my best.  So time to kick it into overdrive to get back to my 1-2 lbs a week range.  Nutrition on point, exercise on point, sleep on point.

Speaking of sleep...good night!