Catching Up

I'm so behind the ball this week.  A stomach bug has taken me out and it's been a rough week.  I have kept up with a few of the workouts and am at a point where I'm starting to feel normal again and am eating almost normal, woop! So I wanted to catch up and first of all share the 2 week schedule I am supposed to be following.

bridge schedule


The schedule mixes a few awesome programs and is a lot of fun.  I really enjoyed doing Les Mills Combat again, it is one of my favorite programs because it really does push me and I feel it the next day.  I did Combat 30 yesterday morning and today I'm pretty sore in my upper body.  Turbo Fire just wears me out in general.  Hip Hop Abs is not quite as intense as the other two, but considering how I feel this week, that was perfect.  I didn't do Fire 45 EZ yet this week.  I may just do that and Combat and skip the last Hip Hop Abs workout for the week.  We will see, it will depend on how I feel and what I can eat.

Complete side note.  Is anyone watching Under the Dome?  This show is ridiculous and I have no clue where it is heading after the last episode!  I do wish more shows were put straight onto online sources with no commercials though, thumbs up for that!