30 Day Push

Like many people - I often set goals for myself.  Goals at my 9-5, goals for my personal life, goals for my body, goals for where I want to be in a few years.  And I generally meet my bigger goals.  But not always my smaller goals.  I sometimes put on the backburner the thing that would really make me happy because they aren't the top things.  I am good at accomplishing one or two things a year, but it seems like everything else gets shafted for those few things.

Enter the 30 day PUSH.

The 30 day push is a program set up by one of my fitness idols Chalene Johnson (she's the woman who leads Turbo Jam, Turbo Fire, and created Turbo Kick).  It's a program that is set up to get you to (1) establish your priorities then (2) based on your priorities, determine what your goals really are (not what someone told you they should be) followed by (3) creating a system to get you to accomplish these goals.  It's really been an amazing experience the last 12 days starting this process and starting to implement the system.  It's a big change for me and it's been a good change.  I am now seeing my productivity skyrocket and I'm making time for the things that will make the biggest difference in my life.  To make this even more lifechanging my partner in crime, the hubby, is doing it too.  It's really awesome to talk to him about these goals and priorities, especially when we realize that there are things we can do to help the other get farther towards one of them.  Almost all of our goals are aligned somehow - we didn't do any of that part together - so that is pretty cool.

The 30 day PUSH program is 100% free and definitely something that I would highly recommend looking into if you are looking for a really good program to help you with goal setting and goal achieving.  I am a member of a PUSH group for accountability, which has been very awesome.  Most of us are halfway through.  If there are people that are interested in starting now, please sign up and email me - healthyengineer@gmail.com - and I will set up another group.  If you just want an accountability partner email me too.  I have a few right now and it has been amazingly helpful!  My goals are all over the map - professional, personal, and physical - and I'm confident I will achieve them in 2013!!

Hotel Circuits

I am on travel again - this time all the way to the west coast.  I'm in California trying to live the good life between finishing stuff up for work and working on my 30 day push to do list.  Before I get into my travel fit post I'm going to wax poetic about the 30 day push program Chalene Johnson has.  It's a FREE 30 day program that talks about how to align your goals to your priorities and to create a pathway to getting your goals accomplished.  I'm on day 8 of the program and already I've made some serious realizations.  It's been good and I've been able to better talk to my husband about where I want to be and that leads to just better overall communication.  It's good.

Okay more on that later.  But for now - traveling fit!  Okay so I will say that I'm SERIOUS about my fitness now - as you can tell.  And this means that I seriously refuse to be in a situation where I can't get my workout in.  This means 2 things.  #1 - I check the gym status at the hotel before I book.  I try to only stay places that have gyms.  And #2 - I bring DVDs with me.  This week I brought Turbo Jam and the Fast and Furious 20 min INSANITY workout.  So basically I have a plan and a backup plan.  This allows me some variety, especially right now while I'm between Beachbody programs, to mix it up.  It also was crucial to me in case one plan wouldn't work - like a tiny gym or a gym with limited equipment or no room to do a DVD.

So tonight was gym night.  I hit the gym pretty hard for some circuit training.  This gym was stocked with a full set of dumbbells, medicine balls, and a swiss ball - score!

Warm - Up - 5 min elliptical

Circuit 1 x2
25 crunches
15 pushups (started on feet, ended on knees)
15 squats w/ medicine ball
12 bicep curls
12 deadlifts

Do circuit 1 2x before moving on to circuit 2

Circuit 2 x 2
L side Woodchop (w/ weights)
10 frog jumps (INSANITY call back, lol)
L side single leg squat

R side Woodchop (w/ weights)
10 frog jumps (INSANITY call back, lol)
R side single leg squat
Weighted leg raise

Cool -Down - 15 min exercise bike

Pretty good workout if I say so myself.  Hit all the important body parts plus got a good sweat and cardio burn.  I did go a little light on the arm workouts because I am so sore from Turbo Jam and Les Mills Pump already.  So I focused a lot on core and the "basic strength moves" aka pushups, squats, crunches.  I am really really pushing towards doing more on my toes.  Insanity has gotten me far with that goal.  I did 5 on my toes the first circuit and 6 on the second go around.  So I definitely am improving.

As I get ready for P90x I'm getting SO excited for more weights.  My body feels different after a weight workout for sure and it's been a log time since I've put a circuit together.  I really enjoy putting workouts together - a reason that a PT cert is something else that I have been thinking about because I love this kind of stuff.  If anyone tried the circuit out please leave me a comment and let me know how you liked it!  I am not a trainer - just a girl who likes this stuff.