Today I turn 31.  I know most people are anti-birthday after they reach a certain age....but I'm not.  I'm healthier, happier, and stronger than I have been at any other birthday.  I've worked my butt off (literally) over the last year or so especially, because I want to be better and healthier every year.  The last few months have been really really rough and I've been up and down and not really doing as well as I know I could do because I've had to really deal with some stress.  It's in general just been a really hard 2013 so far.  I have maintained...which I'm really happy with because usually this stuff makes me gain weight like crazy.  But I am over maintaining and ready to really push forward.  And a birthday is a FANTASTIC day to kind of reset my goals and reset my brain. So, a few of my teammates have some big weight goals for this year and we are working together to try to get to our goals this year.  My goal is to lose the rest of the weight (I'm guessing 40-60 lbs....but really it's going to be a visual check + a maintainable lifestyle) and to get back into a routine and by the time I hit 32 be happily at goal and maintaining.

I also want to hit emerald in my beachbody coaching business.  I have realized that I LOVE talking to people about health and fitness.  I LOVE helping people reach their goals and working on my own.  I want to be in a position to have more options with my coaching business and advancing will help me get there.  I want to use my beachbody income to pay for a nutrition certification so I can really help my team get the best results possible.  I'm saving all my income towards that goal, then towards a personal trainer certification.  I have BIG dreams and while part of the goals have to do with getting myself in shape the rest have to do with helping others and being in a position to help others.

More than anything I want to spend my year of being 31 really living. I always put things off to the future because I'm too big or I'm too scared or I'm not ready.  I know some of the decisions I've made have been the right ones for me but I don't necessarily want to make decisions out of fear - I want to make decisions out of really knowing it's the right decision for me and being confident in that decision.  I want to try new things and do more things and reach out to more people and try new things.  I want 31 to be the BEST year I have ever lived.  I want every day to be lived to the fullest.  I want to live a life free from fear.  I am so ready for you 31.  So ready.

February Challenge

It's time for a new challenge for me!  You guys know how I am - I like challenges and I like to make up imaginary deadlines for said challenge.  This month I thought it was time to bring back the monthly challenge instead of the program challenge only.  What is the challenge?  Watch the video and see :)

I am a dork and I'm nervous you all will think I am super crazy so please be nice :)  Apparently according to one of my besties who previewed this for me - it's exactly how I am in real life...oye, lol!  I will do more videos over the next month on this challenge and other things!  

I will post my pictures and measurements and weight tomorrow on the 1st.  If you are joining me please let me know!  I will use #operationsize16 on Instagram and Twitter on my related posts.  I will post a focus area for each week of the challenge with specific goals for what areas I need to hit that week.  That will also go up tomorrow.  I'm excited, I love a good PUSH goal for a month in order to get me motivated. 

I think that's it for setting up the challenge.  Talk to you all soon!

30 Day Push

Like many people - I often set goals for myself.  Goals at my 9-5, goals for my personal life, goals for my body, goals for where I want to be in a few years.  And I generally meet my bigger goals.  But not always my smaller goals.  I sometimes put on the backburner the thing that would really make me happy because they aren't the top things.  I am good at accomplishing one or two things a year, but it seems like everything else gets shafted for those few things.

Enter the 30 day PUSH.

The 30 day push is a program set up by one of my fitness idols Chalene Johnson (she's the woman who leads Turbo Jam, Turbo Fire, and created Turbo Kick).  It's a program that is set up to get you to (1) establish your priorities then (2) based on your priorities, determine what your goals really are (not what someone told you they should be) followed by (3) creating a system to get you to accomplish these goals.  It's really been an amazing experience the last 12 days starting this process and starting to implement the system.  It's a big change for me and it's been a good change.  I am now seeing my productivity skyrocket and I'm making time for the things that will make the biggest difference in my life.  To make this even more lifechanging my partner in crime, the hubby, is doing it too.  It's really awesome to talk to him about these goals and priorities, especially when we realize that there are things we can do to help the other get farther towards one of them.  Almost all of our goals are aligned somehow - we didn't do any of that part together - so that is pretty cool.

The 30 day PUSH program is 100% free and definitely something that I would highly recommend looking into if you are looking for a really good program to help you with goal setting and goal achieving.  I am a member of a PUSH group for accountability, which has been very awesome.  Most of us are halfway through.  If there are people that are interested in starting now, please sign up and email me - healthyengineer@gmail.com - and I will set up another group.  If you just want an accountability partner email me too.  I have a few right now and it has been amazingly helpful!  My goals are all over the map - professional, personal, and physical - and I'm confident I will achieve them in 2013!!

Weigh In!!

Well, I am off work today and tomorrow as Hurricane Sandy comes to shore.  I am so far lucky enough to have power still so I figured I would go ahead and update with my weigh in this am.  New weight is:

Oh yeah!  Inching ever so close to that 60 lbs lost mark.  I am starting to really notice awesome changes in my body shape, especially my upper body.  My lower body is getting smaller, but not really any changes in shape while my upper body is really slimming down and shifting.  It's pretty awesome and I'm feeling really good about it!

Things have been really status quo lately...nothing special to report unfortunately.  I had family in all week, until yesterday, so I have been busy with that.  When I wasn't with them, I was doing the storm prep thing - gathering water, batteries, canned food, ect.  If the power does decide to go out, I am ready.

I gathered all of my stuff for INSANITY and am ready to get going.  Will most likely take my before pictures and measurements on Wednesday and post them.  I'm really getting excited to start as I see more and more before and after transformations from people.  I am really REALLY looking forward to seeing some serious change in my body.  I'm putting this out there for the world:  I want to be a straight size 16 or smaller on Jan 1 2013.  I haven't been that size since college...probably sophomore year?  Right now I can fit a size 18W in some stores but mainly still in 20W comfortably.  I want to start 2013 in a straight size and never ever ever go back.

No Longer a Dreamer

I read a quote somewhere this weekend.  I think on twitter, but it could have been instagram or a blog.  I wish I remembered where I read it, but anyway, the quote was "a goal is a dream with a deadline." The way I took that was that I really need to make more concrete goals and put some dates into that goal.  Then move hell and high water to meet those goals.  The make new ones, lather rinse repeat.

I got to where I am today with the generic goal of I want to lose weight.  The only real specific I have had was that I wanted to lose 50 total lbs by Christmas.  And my focus has been hit or miss.  Not that total laser focus that you need to achieve something this hard.  So I'm at the point now though that I need to set some new goals.  I am only 3 lbs away from 50 lbs lost so I think I can just do a complete re-start on this.

Goal #1: Complete October challenge without any missed days
Goal #2: Complete the full INSANITY program (starting Nov 1, you in?)
Goal #3: Stick the diet I've developed since the Ultimate Reset (clean eating, very limited processed foods (if any), shakeology daily (vegan chocolate is coming this month - I've heard this stuff is amazing)).

Those are my two goals and their deadlines.  I thought about setting a new goal for weight loss.  X lbs by X date.  But I decided that for now, I'm not going to do that.  I'm losing weight/inches at a really rapid rate right now with Turbo Fire and I know when it gets to INSANITY it will be the same thing. I'm still going to weigh in on Mondays and celebrate all the losses.  But I think right now my goal setting focus is going to be on the behaviors that I need for success more than the outcomes.  I think in general we as a whole sometimes focus too much on what the scale says (the outcome) and not enough on the diet and exercise (the inputs) that it takes to get there.  We sometimes don't make the required sacrifices in the input department but still expect awesome outputs.  And the thing is that sometimes works...so we don't have reason to change the focus.  That is until we start to see continuous poor outputs and can't figure out why the same inputs have become broken code.  With any machine or program or recipe, if it came out wrong or gave you a messed up product at the end, you would immediate go and see what's wrong with the process that resulted in that bad result and fix whatever it is.  We wouldn't waste time repeating the same broken process over and over.  But we do that with weight loss often.  We don't fix the process.  Right now - I'm in the mode to fix the process, because if I do that, then the machine will work and the outputs will come.

For the Record (August)

Exercise Program:
2-4 days a week of Insanity DVDs
2-3 days a week of strength training at the gym
1-2 days of rest a week

Thoughts: I do enjoy this set up and the workouts.  I have 4 appointments with a trainer scheduled for August, so that will make up a lot of my strength training on the schedule.

Meal 1: Chobani
Meal 2: Oatmeal Smoothie or Egg Bake
Meal 3: Big salad - meat, spring mix, cheese, cranberries, light dressing
Meal 4: MaxPro shake + 5 triscuits
Meal 5: Same as Meal 3 or meat, rice, veggies (cooked)
Meal 6: MaxPro smoothie (with fruit, ice, almond milk, sometimes a bit of cocoa powder or PB2)

Thoughts:  I struggle with eating all this food some days.  Now that I have the smoothies it's easier to get down for sure.  The breakfast is the constant struggle - but I'll get there.  One day.  For now I do the best I can to stick with my macros.

So far for 2012 I'm down 30 lbs and about 1.5 clothing sizes.  Definitely more progress on top than on the bottom but progress is progress and I am happy for that.  No matter how it comes off the point is that it is coming off and I am working towards my goal.  I started at size 26 pants and now I can get into some 22s.

August Goals:
1. Lose 8 lbs (always...this is the goal every month to weigh in on Monday with a 2 lb loss)
2. Eat clean on travel/vacation (DE, FL, MN - the only day quasi off is fair day because it's once a year and I really want a cheese curd or two!)
3. Start walking/riding in the evenings (after work, before it gets dark at least a mile or two walk or a 20ish min ride...this is less about calorie burn and more about not sitting all night)
4. Lose a clothing size (let's get into those 20s shall we!)

It's official...

I am totally a home workout girl. I canned my gym membership since I haven't been since discovering bodyrock. That $49 a month could go towards lots of other things...like an equalizer or a sandbag or a new bike or some other cool equipment. I am really excited that I have found enough home alternatives that I feel comfortable with this change and I feel really free that I can continue to be healthy without a gym.

That said, I'm going to get really hard core about my schedule again. I got back into it this week with the BR lite workout and I plan on keeping that momentum going. I need to really focus on diet over the summer so I'm just going to do whatever BR/dance/DVD/walking workout I feel like doing. No specific challenges or 90 day programs that make me feel all mental when I get off schedule. My focus will be on cleaning up my diet so as long as I'm moving 4-5 days a week I could care less what it is. I would like to focus on exercise goals more, but I will hold off until I get this sugar thing beat. I need to put my energy into that right now.