Oh Kenpo X

The description of Kenpo X by Beachbody is this:

"Kenpo X was created to give P90x users a high-intensity cardiovascular workout packed with lots of punching and kicking combinations to improve balance, endurance, flexibility, and coordination.  During this workout you'll learn some of the most effective ways to defend yourself, while at the same time getting your body in peak condition."

The description of Kenpo X by Kim after doing it twice is this:


Okay.  I LOVE P90x so far.  I really do.  All the workouts are so different and focus on different areas of the body that I can already tell it will be one of my favorite workout systems.  But Kenpo X?

I don't hate it...I just don't get it for it's placement in the program.  It may be the fact that I started this pretty much right after finishing INSANITY, but this workout is not high intensity.  My heart rate only jacks up during the breaks when you do all the jogging and jumps.  And then it's back down, quickly.  Again, I know my cardiovascular strength is pretty good after insanity, but I read about people burning crazy calories and feeling wiped out and I just can't figure out how to get myself there.  I can totally see this as a fantastic beginner workout, I think it would have kicked my butt at 300 lbs.  But for an extreme workout program like P90x, I find it lacking.   Most of the workout is just too low impact and stationary for it to really get me going.  I barely break a sweat and can keep my sweats on...which is weird.  For most of my other cardio workouts I'm out of the sweatshirt by the end of the warm up and mostly down to a sports bra by the cool down.  This one, nope, I just am not ever uncomfortable.

Since the next day is rest and stretch and there are only two cardio days to begin with - it just is starting to feel like a waste of a cardio day.  I was so tempted to reach for INSANITY or Turbo Fire this morning...I doubt next week I will be able to resist.  I really want my cardio days to kick my butt so I don't know if this is really getting me max results that I want from P90x.

Anybody else struggle to get a good cardio burn from Kenpo X?  What do you do - grin and bear it for the duration of the program or sub?  I'm learning towards making that a day I dig out a different cardio DVD and play around with that right now.

P90x - Finishing Week 1

Today was the last workout of week 1 of P90x!  Day 7 of the week is rest or x stretch.  I may do the stretch tomorrow in the evening before bed or I might just go to sleep, lol.  I'm pretty tired this week from the workouts and from bad sleep. I woke up at some point last night when my husband woke up with a stuffy nose and dropped his glasses on the way back to bed and was up for a little while.  So I started my workout at almost 6 am...about 30 minutes late.  I considered waiting until after work to exercise, but I knew I was already tired and wouldn't get to sleep in much anyway so I just went for it.  It was hard, but I pushed play and pushed through.

So let me tell you about the workouts I have done the past few days.  I already talked about the first two here.

Shoulders and Arms - This workout is brutal.  In a good way.  It repeats a shoulders - biceps - triceps rotation for an hour.  Brutal.  One note for this workout for me was that I needed a wide range of weights.  My triceps are stronger than they were before INSANITY, but still relatively weak.  So I ended up using 8 lbs for some of the tricep workouts and up to 20 for some of the shoulder ones.  Very wide range.  My shoulders BURNED during this one because let's face it - most bicep and tricep exercises use the shoulders as well.

Yoga X - This is a 90 minute yoga class.  The first half is the classic yoga poses - lots of chatarunga and warrior poses.  These are the burner poses where you pour sweat holding positions.  Then the second half is the balance and ab section of the workout.  My balance is awful, just awful.  So it will be interesting to see how I progress over the next 12 weeks.  This workout is really long and wore me out.

Legs and Back - Or it's alias - pullups and lunges.  This workout didn't seem that hard while I was doing it, but I certainly felt it the next day.  One thing about this workout - you don't use weights for most of the exercises.  That's pretty cool - you get a crazy leg burn from mostly bodyweight moves.  I did this one yesterday and I will tell you that this morning when I woke up my butt was so so sore.  I point this out because I found that I had to modify a lot of the moves to accommodate my knee.  My knees aren't the greatest and had been feeling much better after all this weight loss but I still have bad days.  Unfortunately going into Leg Day it was clear I was having a bad day.  I didn't squat deep sometimes and modified some of the one leg exercises to put weight (some, not all) on the non working leg.  So even with these mods, my buns are burning...which is excellent to me.  I used the Equalizer again for the pull ups/chin ups and felt like I got a good back workout with that.  Honestly, I probably will stick with this until I am in a place where I can actually do a pull up.  I get a better workout than I do with bands for my back because I do have to pull up my body.  I am still using a bent knee position - so it's not my whole body weight but I have noticed that as I straighten my legs it gets harder so that's how I'll advance the move.  Here is a video on pull up variations on the Equalizer if you are interested just to see how it looks.  Note - I only am doing this modification because I already had an Equalizer.  I did not buy one just for P90x.  If I didn't already own one I would go with the bands.

Kenpo X - Today's workout.  Now I will be honest - right now this is my least favorite of the P90x workouts.  I don't hate it at all, so don't mistake my least favorite statement = hate.  It is just a weird workout to me.  The actual Kenpo parts are fairly low intensity for me for cardio.  My heart rate maxed out around 140 but was mostly around 120-130 the whole time.  The "breaks" which are the high cardio intervals from my body's measurement are jog/jumping jack/x jump time.  I didn't mind the lighter workout today because of the buns being fried and the poor sleep I mentioned earlier.  But I was surprised it was so light because the folks on the DVD were drenched, lol.  Maybe I'm just getting super fit, hahaha!

In general I am really digging P90x after one week.  I definitely like the variety of workouts over the course of a week - cardio, yoga, weights, and whatever kenpo is supposed to be.  I feel my body sore in all the right places.  I still think I'm going to be tired of Ab Ripper X in about another week or two...you do it 3 times a week.  But other than that - no complaints :)

Okay this is extra long so I'll leave it here today.  Questions on P90x?  Leave me a note :)