Celebration Turbo Party

Another Monday, another weigh in. Drumroll please....

YES!!  It's official - I have lost 50 lbs :)  I'm so happy I could burst.  I've been working at this all year...but the last few months especially I have been really working.  Lots of exercise.  Lots of eating right and cooking.  Lots of WORK.  I have stumbled with lots of trial and error into a game plan that seems to be a winning combination and I'm just repeating the same things day in and day out that are working for me.   So my reward?  A celebration Turbo Fire party!  Fire 45 EZ (only EZ because there are no fire drills...not because it's easy...)

It's a good feeling to hit this goal (I started to believe a few weeks ago it was possible by the end of the month...) WAY earlier than expected.  I have a lot of work to do and while I know weight loss isn't a race - I still want to get through it all as soon as you can :)  

I was talking to the hubby last night and he mentioned how my Christmas present was being changed because I was losing weight and predicting a size was impossible.  I was both happy (yay, woot, I'm DOING this!!) and sad (presents for me?  was it a good one?  can you buy it anyway right now?) lol.  It was a good feeling to know not only am I losing, but someone that isn't me has confidence that I can keep losing.  

Well that's all for now.  I post pics regularly now on my instagram (healthyengineer) so check that out if you want to follow more of my antics.