Checking in

This week I have been ON it. Very focused and on my game again mentally and back to eating the way I need to eat for my body to work at its best. I have pretty much confirmed that gluten is my problem. I cannot tell you how sad this makes me. Eating gluten free isn't very hard and honestly most of my favorite recipes are gluten free already so it's not a big transition. And when I think about it, most of the gluten in my diet came from junk so in that way it's good - no random cookie runs. But when coupled with eliminating dairy and sugars it starts to be overwhelming sometimes. The sugar but isn't a food sensitivity issue. It's an addiction issue. I am a sugar addict and the amount of sugar in many processed foods is enough to spiral me out of control. I eat fruit and I'm fine. Same with honey, maple, and agave added to recipes/oats. I can do a lot with those for sure...but in general these new realities are just a new challenge for me to tackle right now. But I'm tackling it head on and noticing that when I eat according to my body's needs I feel freaking amazing and my workouts are incredible :)