Clean Beauty

I have been focusing on my diet a lot over the past year.  Cleaning up what I eat - less processed foods, more clean real foods - and I have noticed all the good changes I have mentioned here.  Less indigestion, less gas, better sleep, weight loss, better skin.

So the next natural step for me was to clean up what I put ON my body.  If chemicals are bad to eat, it seems it's a natural continuation to the fact that they are bad to slather on every day.  I struggled with this one a lot because a quick inventory told me that all of my favorite beauty products were all very very unclean.  I've tried a few things and pictured here is my current lineup that I'm loving:

1. Crystal Deodorant - This stuff is aluminum free, which is why I tried it.  I was terrified but it works just fine  and lasts through a workout so it gets a thumbs up from me.  I have been using this for about 6 months and have never had a problem.  I get this one at the grocery store or CVS, but you can get it from Amazon as well.  
2. 100% Pure Body Scrub and Body Wash - Everything this company makes is vegan or vegetarian.  There isn't anything in it at all that isn't natural.  I LOVE the scrub.  Whenever I use it my skin feels so soft and amazing and I don't need any lotion.  The wash smells great but as will all natural washes, there is very minimal suds that happen when you use it.  It's a foam so it's a bit more than some others I have tried, but the lack of bubbles is something I dislike in general with natural cleansers.  I actually purchased these at SFO in January when I was on my travels.  I have seen it at Ulta recently as well.  
3. Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal Vitamins - I have taken a prenatal for a while because it does amazing things for my hair - making it stronger and growing longer.  I switched to this one because it seemed to have the least amount of junk in it.  I haven't had any side effects and I like the fact it doesn't make me nauseous like some other vitamins have.  You can find this at some health stores and on Amazon.  
4. Jason Cocoa Butter Lotion - I love cocoa butter and ran across this at the grocery store when on travel and out of lotion and really like it.  I do have a 100% pure brand lotion that I will try after this one is complete, but for the price, this one works just great.  Leaves my skin soft and smooth.  I see this brand in lots of drugstores and grocery stores and usually with a discount attached.
5. Earthpaste Toothpaste - Okay if you asked me to pick one of these products to buy today - this is the one.  I started using this after researching dental care.  My husband and I both had a lot of random dental issues which really made no sense to me.  I brushed at least once a day, usually twice a day.  And I flossed daily.  I wasn't drinking pop and I still had a lot of problems that I just couldn't figure out.  So after reading a bunch of reviews I ended up purchasing this on Amazon.  That was 3 dental visits ago and I have not had a single cavity since.  My diet has slowly improved over the same time frame, but I only made my bit change last September.  The 2 visits before I still had no problems with my cleaner but not clean diet.  This stuff is pretty awesome to me and yes it's pricey (around $7/tube) but not having any cavities is totally worth the cost.  I just got my new 3 pack in the mail last week, lol!  I have only gotten this from Amazon.  A friend of mine told me she found it in her local store, but I have never seen it in a brick and mortar store.

The links I've included go to the product websites so you can learn more about them.  I slowly change out items.  I try to find a better choice whenever something runs out.  As far as makeup goes - that is a totally different story.  I have some Tarte products, which I love, but I also LOVE my smashbox.  I don't wear makeup daily anyway, so I don't worry too much about it right now, but it's on my to research list.

So you tell me - what natural or cleaner products do you love?  I'm always ready to try something new :)