Closet Stretch Time

So even with the summer shopping I did a few weeks ago, I'm finding I need to find new ways to stretch my wardrobe this summer.  I'm not ready to really spend the money on a new wardrobe - I'm hoping to just make it through this hot weather and to the fall without spending really any more money on clothes unless I really have to have it...or it's workout gear because you know...I NEED it :) With that said - I tried to shop strategically so I could get some pieces that I could attempt to make work along with some things in my closet that aren't quite toooooo big yet.  I just wanted to share some of my hide the too big clothes/make it stretch techniques I am trying out.  Share yours too so we can make these closets stretch!

1. Belts.  This one is quickly becoming my favorite tip.  Bigger dresses and cardigans can be cinched and be worn for longer than they fit without one.  Cardigans over sundresses are also great for cooler days into the fall too.  Hit up clearance racks for cute belts in varying colors and thicknesses to use.

2. Layers.  Layers are trendy and also a great way to use bigger clothes.  Camisoles are fairly inexpensive (hello Old Navy) and can be bought in your new size and worn underneath.  The bigger outer shirt can also be belted and bloused for a nice look over jeans or a skirt.

3. Leggings.  Go buy some.  Because once you put on some leggings and your camisole from above, you can put on some of those bigger dresses or longer shirts and wear them even a little big.  These are great for casual looks for the weekend.

4. Maxi Skirts.  The fantastic thing about a maxi skirt is that they go well with many tops/cardigans and they will be great in the summer as you lose weight/tone up.  I have 3 of them and counting, lol.

Those are my strategies for the summer.  The only other thing left to say is to know when it's time to let go.  You reach a point where you are too tiny to wear that 2XL shirt anymore and it just has to go.  I am still weeding through my stuff, but I had to start accepting that if I'm buying size L tops, the 2XLs probably need to GO.

So what do you do to stretch your summer wardrobe?  Share :)

And if you are looking for some ways to shrink out of your current wardrobe, check out the June Sales.  Lots of programs on sale including some of my favorites - Les Mills Combat, Turbo Fire and the Ultimate Reset :)