Day 1 of induction style eating

And I'm killing for fruit. This is a good thing. I haven't craved anything except pizza, Chinese, cake, and ice cream for the past month. Obviously fruit is a WAY better option. I'm almost 100% sure that after this week I will add fruit back. Fruit and nuts. I have a few reasons for doing a shortened induction and adding fruit back so quickly. The first being my goal for all this isn't to be on Atkins forever. It's to cut my sugar and processed food addiction. A detox so to speak. I have been completely out of control and I figured drastic times need drastic measures. I'm hoping 7 days of strict eating will break that cycle I was in. I knew a low carb diet would be the best for me to keep hunger away while doing this.

The other reason? I am convinced that traveling on Atkins will need a few more options. Right now I'm looking at lots of bars and shakes and I firmly believe fruit and nuts are a better choice. Just eat real food (the ultimate goal).

My ideal diet is this:
Fruit, nuts, meat/fish, veggies, and the occasional treat meal or dessert.