DietBets and Peppermints

I signed up for my first DietBet this year. DietBet is a site where basically you put your money where your commitment is for either 4 or 10 percent weight loss in a time set by the bet creator. This one is a 4% challenge for January with a $30 buy in. Big challenge for me but coming off a holiday break due to sickness I figured it was a good time to try, especially since I was starting P90x3 and expected good results. I gotta tell you - these things ROCK. See if you make your goal, you get a piece of the pot. So say half the people make it and the other half don't. Then all the winners split the pot. Losers get nada. That's some serious motivation because the one I joined is MASSIVE - pot is over $132K!!! And I definitely do NOT want to lose my $30 and I definitely DO want to win more.

Hello new clothes!

And that's where peppermints come in lol. Seriously - they are keeping me from indulging lately. I know it's not the same, but I think about winning all the money and have a peppermint and walk away from things like "dessert day" (seriously - we had one last week) at work. Oh and banana cherry faux cream - frozen cherries and bananas blended to a cream and topped with cinnamon and shredded coconut. Yummy!!

So my motivation is all time high right now. I am really glad P90x3 is turning out to be all I hoped it would be and more. I lost 3 lbs week 1 and am very much in love with this one. More cardio than P90x but just as intense. I'm on day 7, stretch and rest day, and excited to move on to week 2!!

I'm still vlogging my P90x3 journey over on YouTube daily so check it out for my program chats/reviews!