First Day of Low Carb Working

And let me tell you - low low carb is just not for me.  At least not while I'm a working woman.  I couldn't focus, couldn't concentrate, couldn't think.  I guess I didn't notice it (or it didn't happen) over the weekend.  But today it took me HOURS do to anything.  I took like all day just to book a plane ticket.  I barely got any work done.  And I quickly decided that I just can't do this right now.  I'm a task lead at work.  A lead engineer and a project manager.  I cannot spend all day in a fog.  A fog that was deepening as the day went on.  So I grabbed a kiddie cone and a bottle of h2o (I don't work near any stores) and housed that cone in the parking lot.  I honestly didn't know how I was going to get home if I didn't get some sugar in my system b/c I was so out of it, I was disoriented and a little woozy.  Not good.

So that ends induction - 2 days in, ha.  2.5 really.  I decided that the low carb is good, I did feel GREAT the first two days (or because I was at home and relaxing I didn't realize how slow I was), but I need to add back fruit ASAP.  I need to just eat clean, not low low carb.  I had a few more carbs at dinner and I feel normal again.  I'm going to just try to focus on clean carb sources instead of eliminating them almost completely aside from veggies.  Good experiment and good lesson learned.  I can lower my carbs, but just not to that extreme.  I'm still really struggling with diet and how to eat balanced and clean and I'm a little frustrated that this wasn't an answer for me.  But I do know that eating the same stuff while having more fruit should solve the problem and that's what I'm going to try the rest of the week.

Today other than that whole thing was fine.  I did workout this am - just a dance workout, no bodyrock.  I was feeling kind of flat this AM but really needed to move so that fit the bill.  I also have a really sore bicep (yeah, just one).  I'm not really sure how that happened but straightening my arm hurts.  I also have 2 bruises on my arm that I cannot identify so I'm assuming the left side of my body got beat up by my right in my sleep last night.  Anyway the point is that for the next few days no bodyrock - just cardio.  I'm not sure what I did to my bicep and that makes me worried.  So I'm going to chill out on the strength training and focus on cardio for the next few days.  Hopefully it's just sore from cutting the grass (I use a trimmer instead of a real lawn mower so it's possible it's sore from holding it up for a while?) or awkward sleep.  But the bruises and the soreness are so odd that I would rather be safe than sorry.  I haven't done a body rock workout since last Thursday and this set in today, so whatever it is, it's not from exercise.  Hopefully a day or two of babying it will solve the problem and I'll be back to bodyrocking soon.