First Ever Bootcamp

May 2nd I went to a bootcamp I bought a Groupon for.  I was pretty excited to try something new and hopefully get an amazing workout.  And I had to be in order to get up at 4:30 in the morning for it.  Well I was sadly disappointed.  The bootcamp was disorganized and there were a lot of times when people just stood around.  I would keep working just because I wanted a good workout and there was nothing else to do.  The instructor seemed overwhelmed.  The only time she seemed to have it together was when she had us all do the same thing at the end - but even then she didn't keep track of time.  So when we partnered up instead of seeing where everyone was and giving both partners even time, she but the 2nd partner's time in half.  She knew some people and chatted with them instead of focusing on the whole.  In short - I wasn't really that impressed.

I'm glad I got a groupon.  Some people paid almost $300 for this thing.  I would have been PISSED if I paid that much and got that kind of class out of it.  I'm probably going to go back at least one more time and see how it goes.  If it doesn't improve though, I'll just stay home.  I can go ahead and do my own thing and get a better workout, lol.