Fitter for Summer - May 1st

Today I did the Fitter for Summer 30 day challenge fit test to kick off the month of May with Bodyrock.  I did a combination of the beginner and intermediate bodyweight tests, scores below

Beginner/Intermediate Mash Up Fit Test
Squat Jump + 1/2 Burpee 10/7/8
Pushups (all on knees) 17/18/18
Tricep Dips (off couch) 12/12/15
Abs (off couch) 12/14/14

I'll be honest - yesterday I didn't eat well so after I finished that fit test I decided to push myself a bit.  I did JM body rev workout #4.  I'm glad I did, I felt much better afterwards.  I really do like workout #4 - it's my favorite so far.

Last item of the morning - the bodyrock flow fit test. I'm very excited for the Bodyrock Flow program to kick off.  I really do enjoy yoga and want to do more of it.  I've never consistently done a yoga practice so I'm definitely hoping that the yoga takes the same 12 minute format so I can keep up with it.

Flow Test
Downward Dog - heels not on floor, back of legs tight
Pigeon - trouble getting into position with hips straight, hip stays high (need pillow), tight front leg
Dangling - hands on floor, straight legs
Standing Back Bend - very slight back bend, any farther makes breathing difficult