Focus T25 Begins!!

So today is day 1 of this new 10 week (at least) adventure with Shaun T and my awesome fitfam.  Today's workout was CARDIO from the Alpha phase and it was intense in all the best ways you can take that word.  This was mostly lower body focused with lunges, squats, and lots of high knees.  I feel it in my core and I feel it in my bum already.  Most workouts were a minute, but a few were only 30 seconds.  I LOVE the burnout concept, it's like the review of what you just did and just moves with no breaks.  Shaun T uses the full 25 minutes for the workout and it's not boring at all.  If you have time to think about the time, you aren't FOCUSED :)  I do have 2 complaints though - the first being that I wish Tania was on screen more (I know, I can't believe I said that either).  As the modifier, she should be visible at the beginning of every exercise but sometimes she wasn't shown until halfway through.  I can see this frustrating exercise newbies that are depending on her to show them the option.  The second is that I wish that the lunge series at the beginning was later and/or different.  The turning side to side while you are still kind of cold is kind of scary to me (maybe because I had terrible knee issues until I lost about 50 lbs and I'm a bit paranoid).  I wish it was straight forward or the turning part was always slower. But in all seriousness, can I be honest that I already think this will be my new favorite program?

1. It moves so fast that it's over before you know it even really started.  10 minutes when by before I even knew it.  Love that - I wasn't clock watching and when I did, it was only the last few minutes because I was EXHAUSTED!

2. The progression is genius.  I loved the fact that the moves built on each other and built intensity.  It was a great way to test myself and push myself (it's only a minute!) and it gave me a lower intensity option to use when the high intensity option was too much and I could go back and forth. I think it made me have a better workout because my brain was quicker to find a low intensity option instead of just stopping and taking a breather.  Genius genius.

3. It's intense.  You know why you can do 25 minutes and get results?  Because it's real work that Shaun T is asking of you.  Real work and real sweat.  This is 25 minutes of focus and intensity and if you give your 100% then you get 100% back in 25 minutes.  And focus and intensity doesn't mean you have to do the high advanced option.  It means giving YOUR all and YOUR best - whatever that may be.  I did one of these a few weeks ago following only Tania (aka miss modifier for these workouts) and I got a great workout. This can be scaled to any level - just make sure you WORK your level!

4. It's only 5 days a week.  I'm kind of excited about that.  The 6th day is an optional stretch and I already decided that would be my yoga day!  I like that I can add yoga in easily, it's one thing I really liked about P90x - that it included yoga.  Now I can add a 6th day of yoga for flexibility and woosah without having to do a 2 a day or skipping my rest day.

5. It's still on SALE!!!  So because of how popular this program was during the first month (over 37,000 copies sold) and some of the shipping delays, the challenge pack deal is being extended through August.  So now there are THREE awesome challenge pack deals - TurboFire, Body Beast, and Focus T25.  So there is something for everybody this month.  Short on time? Focus T25.  Looking to have a little more dance and booty shaking?  TurboFire.  Are you looking to lift heavy and change your body with weights?  Body Beast.  And you get breakfast for 30 days in the same box :)

Okay so that's today's analysis.  I'll be back with more as I do more of these workouts!!