Focus T25 - One Week Down!

Week 1 of Focus T25 is in the books!!!  I wrote the review of each individual workout, but now I'm wrapping up the week and the fast track recipes.  I waited until Saturday am to take my weight and pictures since I was finishing the fast track meal plan all day Friday. Okay so how do I feel?  Awesome. And sore.  Seriously seriously sore, lol.  Mostly I think from Lower Focus on Friday - but my behind and my core are on FIRE.  I feel tighter though in my stomach, so I guess something is working.  I don't feel like I see a huge difference, but I feel less jiggle, so that is awesome.  I did lose 5 lbs, so I know that is why the jiggle is less.

And btw - that weight loss officially put me at over 90 lbs weight loss total!  My mind is blown ya'll...I have less than 10 lbs less until my goal of being under 200 lbs is here and I don't even know what to do with that info yet.

How was the fast track food?  It was pretty good.  I did modify it, I posted my plan here.  Mods were made to reduce the amount of meat, eliminate the dairy, and to save money.  Since there are only 2 of us, some of the foods I had to buy in bulk anyway (eggs, hamburger buns, ect) so I did what I could to use things over and over again.  I also added a few more calories here and there some days for me and every day for my husband.  I loved the chicken in foil and the roasted tofu recipes.  I also liked the eggs, although I made it more of an egg salad every time.  I was not a fan of the tropical qunioa.  It was just honestly disgusting and I ended up eating a granola bar instead.  I made oatmeal the next day for us both instead.  I also wasn't a fan of the roast beef roll ups.  Maybe because I'm more vegan/vegetarian than carnivore these days.  But the combo of those foods - mustard, roast beef slices, red pepper, and lettuce - was just not good.  It was dry and meh.  I ended up picking at that snack a lot it took forever to eat it.

Neither of us felt particularly hungry during the fast track, probably again because we don't really eat that much meat normally so it was very filling for us.  I loved planning out my meals like this again and plan on continue planning out every single meal/snack like this long term.  I will definitely repeat some meals and try some of the other meals out during the next 9 weeks of the program.  I like how simple these meals are to make.  I am busy with work and trying to find time to spend with my hubby - so I like that these meals are about 25 minutes max in the kitchen.  I usually prep food ahead, but I like that if I don't, I can come in after work and still have a healthy clean option on the table faster than take out.

Where do I go from here?  I'm going to step back into vegetarian/vegan eating.  I love eggs so much I probably won't ever be really fully vegan...but I do want to get closer again.  This week I'm planning a vegetarian menu.  I'll be continuing with Focus T25 with Cardio in the morning and hopefully see continued success!

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