Focus T25 Week 1 Complete!!

I have officially finished week 1 of Focus T25!!  I will take my weight/pictures tomorrow am but so far I am really happy with one week of this program.  Before I get into that, first my review of the last 2 days of workouts. Thursday - Ab Intervals

If you are familiar with Beachbody programs, you know that every single workout program comes with an ab workout.  It's usually an add on.  You do x workout PLUS the ab workout.  In this program, it's a whole workout to itself a full 25 minutes.  Now I've said this before - I don't really understand why not doing crunches is a bonus, but whatever.  There are no crunches.  The progression method is used here again to build all of the core workouts from a very basic to a more advanced move.  This one was HARD, apparently my core is really weak because I struggled with holding the c-sit position not that long into the dvd.  The one thing I really liked was that we did do some cardio between the hard core moves - so I did feel like I had a really good workout at the end.  I was concerned this wouldn't stand on it's own, but it did.  I do wonder in week 4 will it stand on it's own after I'm used to it and get stronger...but I guess at that point I'll be moving on to the Beta phase anyway so whatevers.  My complaint?  Seriously not enough modifier views. That's my running theme, I know.

Friday - Lower Focus and Cardio

Today was my first double Friday.  I decided to do them in the order they are on the calendar, so lower focus first.  Lower focus is awesome.  Hard as heck, but I really liked it.  Lots of squats, lunges, calf raises, everything.  All of the things you need to do to make your butt look fantastic.  Some of the moves are more strength based - slower with focus on going deep in the move.  Others are cardio focused.  Progression in use.  For this one - honestly there aren't that many mods.  You can't really mod a lunge or a squat.  You just have to do it at your own pace.  There are some cardio moves you have seen before repeated in here and many of those can be modified.  Even with the mods, this workout seriously burns your lower body.  By the end I was doing more of Tania's mod program for the cardio moves than following Crazy Shaun T.  If you hold yourself properly during this workout, you also find that your core is going to be sore.  Shaun T doesn't repeat this enough in Focus T25 - but hold your core.  Seriously.  Just like INSANITY and many other workouts in the world, holding your core tight helps stabilize your body during moves and helps strengthen those muscles.  I think I'm in the habit of doing it after INSANITY but it's a reminder to you if you aren't.

Okay so after I was toast from Lower Focus, I took a few sips of water, caught my breath, skipped the Lower Focus cool down and popped in the Cardio disc.  Then I went into it and did my best.  Cardio is to me the easiest of the workouts so far in Focus T25.  Do not confuse easiest with easy, but it's certainly the best workout to have on the schedule in my opinion for the first double Friday.  Doing it back to back with Lower Focus, I found myself searching for Tania so I could figure out how to modify a LOT.  I pushed as hard as I could, but the Cardio workout is a LOT of jumping and a lot of leg moves and a lot of high knees. So after Lower Focus, whew, lol.  But I pushed and pushed and did all that I could do and I felt awesome at the end.

This is getting REALLY long - so I'll save my week 1 overall thoughts for tomorrow's blog.  If you have any questions about the program so far, leave me a comment and I'll try to address it tomorrow or soon!!  If you are ready to take the plunge, pick up your Focus T25 Challenge pack here.  It's on sale until the end of August :)