Focused on Week 3

Welcome to week 3!  I'm pretty excited to be 2 weeks in and still liking this program a lot.  I figured I would - it's Shaun T and it's short.  But it's nice to be in the program and still loving it.  I actually just ordered the GAMMA phase of this program since the hubby and I both want to continue with this program.  I think we will do the full 15 weeks then maybe start mixing in other programs or I'm thinking about doing a full round of Combat finally - we will see.  But for now - I'm all in with Focus T25. Results wise - I'm very pleased.  I am definitely noticing a continuation of the changes I saw during my last round of INSANITY.

Last week was a bit of serious real life with me leaving one company and starting with a new company this week.  Tears were shed because I'm leaving some fantastic people but I am going to a better place for me so it's a great move.  I'm sad but I'm not sad about the future.  But it was a very stressful week and it was hard on me, so food wise I was all over the place.  Out to lunches for the last week, a few dinners out, and a happy hour or two.  Cleaning out my office, interviewing, running around, slacking on water, and forgetting to pack my lunch a few days.  Then the man was in a mac and cheese cookoff Saturday - which he rocked and got 2nd place in (he was robbed!!!!!!!!).  So with all of that going on - my diet was a bit interesting.  Sunday I meal prepped for hours lots of yummy vegan foods and bought tons of melon and mangos and grapes and whatever other fruit looked good.  The freezer has lots of veggies and potatoes and some vegan muffins.  And as I type this, my water bottle is full.  Back to my normal and back to what I prefer for my diet.  I literally feel better already and it's only been like 12 hours.

Workout wise - today was Total Body Circuit.  I'm still exhausted about halfway through this one, it's the hardest one to me.  The intervals kick your butt and by the end I was hanging out with Tania with the modifications because I was just too tired to do anything else.  I think some of it was food hangover from the past few days, but a lot of it is that this workout is just HARD.  And this week we get to do it yay?  But seriously though, I do like it, because it is so hard, and it makes me feel like I am working as hard as I can.