For the Record (August)

Exercise Program:
2-4 days a week of Insanity DVDs
2-3 days a week of strength training at the gym
1-2 days of rest a week

Thoughts: I do enjoy this set up and the workouts.  I have 4 appointments with a trainer scheduled for August, so that will make up a lot of my strength training on the schedule.

Meal 1: Chobani
Meal 2: Oatmeal Smoothie or Egg Bake
Meal 3: Big salad - meat, spring mix, cheese, cranberries, light dressing
Meal 4: MaxPro shake + 5 triscuits
Meal 5: Same as Meal 3 or meat, rice, veggies (cooked)
Meal 6: MaxPro smoothie (with fruit, ice, almond milk, sometimes a bit of cocoa powder or PB2)

Thoughts:  I struggle with eating all this food some days.  Now that I have the smoothies it's easier to get down for sure.  The breakfast is the constant struggle - but I'll get there.  One day.  For now I do the best I can to stick with my macros.

So far for 2012 I'm down 30 lbs and about 1.5 clothing sizes.  Definitely more progress on top than on the bottom but progress is progress and I am happy for that.  No matter how it comes off the point is that it is coming off and I am working towards my goal.  I started at size 26 pants and now I can get into some 22s.

August Goals:
1. Lose 8 lbs (always...this is the goal every month to weigh in on Monday with a 2 lb loss)
2. Eat clean on travel/vacation (DE, FL, MN - the only day quasi off is fair day because it's once a year and I really want a cheese curd or two!)
3. Start walking/riding in the evenings (after work, before it gets dark at least a mile or two walk or a 20ish min ride...this is less about calorie burn and more about not sitting all night)
4. Lose a clothing size (let's get into those 20s shall we!)