Grocery Haul (Travel Week)

Grocery time!

My groceries for the week with some of my cleaning products peeking out!  Well most of them - I realize now that I forgot one thing :)  This week is a small shop as I will be in and out of town, so I didn't need to get as much.   I have a $80/week shopping budget I stick to and this week I spent $57 total.  Not bad!

1. Bottled Water - I don't usually buy this, but I wanted to get this for the week to keep in my car when traveling to and from (and during).  My Sigg is great, but so awkward in the car to drink from.  These are better and I never drink hotel water for some reason.  
2. Fruit (grapes and clementines)
3. Chobani (pre-workout or mid morning snack)
4. Avocado Oil - This is a new thing I decided to grab since it was a travel week and I didn't need as much other stuff.  I wanted to try it because it is a great healthy fat AND it's really good for high heat cooking.  I've heard such great things about it, definitely want to see if I like it.
5. Newman's Own Cheese Pizza - this has a really great ingredients list and is a great vehicle for a meal.  I'll cook it about half way, then pile on my meat serving.  When I take it out, I make a salad (just greens and cranberries) and pile it on top of my portion of pizza.  Delicious and feels decadent when it's really not.  Oh I also add some red pepper flakes, yum!
6. Applegate Farms Chicken Sausage and Patties - this is a stock up item because they are all kind of pricey because Applegate items are natural and antibiotic free.  I like the sausage for the egg bakes I make for breakfast and the patties to use in salads sometimes because it takes 2 seconds to microwave.  I try to plan to have food for all my meals but let's be honest - sometimes I am in a jam.  These save me from a situation where I'm starving and dinner looks to be 30-60 min away and am desperate.  
7. Perdue Chicken Breasts - I love these because they are individually packaged but I usually don't get them b/c they are really pricey.  They were on sale today so into the freezer they go!  I keep my food costs down by buying things on sale and freezing them until I need them.  These are Jamaican jerk flavor - whatever that is supposed to be?  Yes I have never had jerk chicken before.  But I guess I will find out.  These also are low in carbs, even with seasonings, so another good quick thing to have on hand.
8. Olivia's Organic Spring Mix (not pictured) - Salad greens plain and simple.  I have some left from the big container I bought last week, so I just bought a small container.  I am not a fan of spinach, but spring mix pretty much rocks my world.