Gulp - Day Zero of the Reset

Tonight the hubs and I are both prepping our meals and snacks and supplements for tomorrow.  I'm nervous for sure - the fact I'm having just a salad for lunch is a big change. The fact my refrigerator is 95% produce is a big change.

I made the creamy garlic dressing.  It's freaking delicious.  The ginger one - um not so much.  It tastes like salt lick.  I don't know how to fix that and I'll probably never make it again.  Or use what I made.  

The salad took some prep, but looks and smells good.  It's scary having a salad with no meat.  I don't know how I'm supposed to be full - I'm definitely bringing a snack for the afternoon.  I know the snack is a crutch and we are supposed to try not to use it.  And I will try not to use it.  But I'm not stupid enough to go to work without it because if I need it and don't have it - I'm shit out of luck and falling off the program 10 hours into it.  

I set up a timer on my iPhone to keep track of the supplements.  It's a cool app called 30/30 that lets you put in events and how long until the next one.  So basically I can start it when I take the first supplements and it will alert me for each meal/snack/supplement after that.  This is going to be crucial.  

I also realized I forgot to buy distilled water.  Tap water it is for me tomorrow.  I'll probably buy some tomorrow.  

I'm scared to step on the scale.  I've been on vacation basically since August 22nd.  I've worked out here and there but I also drank a lot more, ate out a lot more, and generally let it all hang out a lot more.  I'm sure it will not be a pretty weigh in tomorrow. If feel pretty crappy anyway from all that, so this is a good time for this.  I'm really ready to be on track.  

Doing the reset with me?  Let me know in the comments!  Want to play along?  Pick up one here!