Happy Dance Friday

Oh yes, I am totally doing a happy dance this Friday.  I'm super excited today.  I totally am down a whole jeans size.  I pulled out two pair this morning before work (jeans day).  I haven't worn jeans in a while anywhere...I'm not a big jeans person and I only have 4 pair right now.  One size 24, two 22s and one 20.  Obviously I'm only wearing one of these at a time obviously so like I said - I don't really wear jeans a lot.  Anyway, I have been in my 22s for maybe a little over a month?  Maybe.  And today, since I weighed in on Monday at my lowest weight in a VERY long time and since most of the pants I have been putting on lately have been too big, I decided to see if the 20s would go on.  

And they DID!  And they buttoned and zipped and looked pretty dang good on me if I say so myself :)

I will tell you - when I bought these -I shouldn't have.  They were a bridge too far for the size I was and I have only worn these jeans MAYBE 2x.  Both times I regretted squeezing into it about 15 minutes after I got too far away from my house to change into something else.  Then I just stopped and went back to the 22s...and eventually the 24s.  So to have these on all day at work today and no regrets, no uncomfortable button digging into my stomach feeling, and be able to move comfortably is a big deal.  It's one of those moments where you stop and say I AM DOING THIS FOR REAL! 

In other news.  I tried the chocolate vegan shakeology today.  It has a really good chocolate taste, which I honestly wasn't expecting.  But I don't think I will have it for breakfast like ever again, it was just a little too much chocolate for 7:30 am for me.  I'm not the biggest chocolate fan though...and to be honest, it was a much more real chocolate flavor than I expected.  I thought it would be more fake tasting and muted...but it is not.  I do think that this would be great to make super thick (like add a frozen banana and some almond milk, but less than smoothie level liquid) and have it for dessert like faux chocolate ice cream.  I also think it would be excellent whenever I do a 3 day shakeology cleanse because it could be a good lunch.