Hip Hop Hustle

Today I took my first ever Hip Hop Hustle class! I have wondered about the format for a while and since one of my Team Tenacity teammates who just moved here loves it AND I lost a bet to her over the NCAA men's basketball championship game....it was time to pay up and try it out. So right from the start I was loving the music. Great beats and good dance music. The class wasn't crowded at all so I had a clear view of the instructor. Then we got into building the choreography. It's a nice mix of dance moves (yeah, we butterflied!) and fitness moves (but dancified -grapevine with high knees, skis, ect). You STAY on the move in this class the entire time. The choreography builds and by the end you have a nice routine.

I love to dance and am pretty good with memorizing choreography, but you really don't have to be. The moves are simple and the repetition locks them in. By the end you know the moves and you can just have a party and go hard through the class.

What surprised me the most? This:


Yeah I burned as much in this class as I do in an hour of insanity. And it doesn't feel like I should at all. It's fun, flows well, and is just not as painful lol. I was surprised for sure.

I can't wait for the next time I can make it!! I have a few more weeks of insanity left, but after that, since T25 is only 5 days a week I will definitely go more often!