Hump Day Rambles

I got my shakelology in the mail yesterday!  I haven't tried it yet but I am curious about the recipes that came with the package.  I don't want to really use too much in trials yet because the point of it was to use it during the ultimate reset and there really isn't too much extra (I purchased the single serving packages because of my schedule instead of the big package and you get a few less servings that way).  We have the ultimate reset packages and are planning to spend a lot of time over the next week or so reading and understanding and prepping.  We anticipate starting after Labor Day because the added challenge of having a long food based holiday right near the start.  Trying to set ourselves up for maximum success!  

I did some closet weeding this week too.  I have a lot more things that fit, a lot more things that don't fit (too big) and a lot more options than I thought.  I really never notice how much I lose, just how much I gain.  It's not until I get dressed that I realize that I have lost a lot of weight.  When my pants are too big or my shirts are hanging off of me.  I don't know if this is normal or not, but it is what it is :)  I am really pleased that I'm almost 100% back into my summer 2011 wardrobe!  There are a few tops that I still can't get into but literally like only 3 or 4.  It's so nice (and cheaper!!) to be able to shop in regular misses tops again!

From now until I start the reset I'll be really just doing whatever I feel like doing.  Seriously - no plan.  Not really enough time for anything planned.  It's kind of liberating :)  After the reset I'm going to do a pretty intense plan the last quarter of the year so I can hopefully reach my goal for the year (which was to lose the weight I gained last year).  I'm currently only 18 lbs away from that and I do think this is feasible if I stay focused.  Especially with all of the work I am planning on doing in September with food and food choices.