Hungry for Change

Tonight I watched the documentary Hungry for Change on Netflix. This documentary is extremely popular in the Instagram fit community and finally say down and watched it.


This movie took all of the stuff I try to (1) remember daily (2) tell my family (3) live and put it into a coherent 90 minutes. It was fantastic.

It started with a commentary on the food industry. How many manufacturers use addictive food additives and tons of chemicals to get us hooked. How fat free foods are filled with sugar and in fact are awful for us because of that. How just eating real non processed foods are better for us because the body knows how to handle them.

Then it went into discussing eating whole foods, juicing, exercise, affirmations....just everything. Discussed what foods the body uses to detox naturally and how they detox. About visualization and how treating yourself positively changes your body's way of functioning. I took so many notes. This movie put a lot if the jumble of what I have read recently in straight lines for me. It explained why I felt so awesome right after the reset and why as much as I love my husband, I feel a little less awesome since his job brought him back to me lol. How I need to stand strong in eating cleaner so I can get back to where I was instead of feeling 85%. How I need to really make sure I have 6-8 servings of produce, most of them vegetables.

Ok I will stop rambling incoherently at 1am about a food documentary. But I will ask you to check it out and please watch. As far as I'm concerned this needs to be required watching for every single person, it's on that level lol. I will be back on my hardcore grind starting when I wake up. I am still eating well, I just am making an ok choice instead of the ideal one just a little but too much for my liking. Time to change that. Time to CHANGE!

Have you seen it? What did you think??