Hypothesis on Body Revolution

I still am almost 4 lbs down from last Sunday.  In the past week I've lost almost FOUR lbs while traveling around the northeast.  People this included 2 4 hour car rides, 2 flights, meetings, and a trip to cheesecake factory.  Losing weight on the road CAN BE DONE.  It just takes some thought and some dedication.  I don't do my official weigh in until Monday morning and I'm heading off to a girl's weekend to celebrate my friend's upcoming wedding, so that number may change on Monday morning.  I am not planning on going buckwild tonight with food when we go out.  But I am saying I'll probably have a drink or two which is not what I usually do.  That's the reason I woke up at 6:30 AM on a Saturday morning to get my workout in before I head out :)

Speaking of the workout - today was Workout 4 of Body Revolution.  I liked this one way better than 3.  I think the truth is that I just don't like the all front side workouts (1 and 3).  And in a shocking change - I can do the prisoner get ups.  I think they are in 30 day shred, I could NOT do them.  Now I can.  I couldn't do the right side with weights, but I could do the base exercise.  The left side I could do with 5 lb weights.  #progress

And yes, I like to use hashtags in everyday life :)

Tomorrow is a planned rest day, but I may walk or something in the afternoon after we get back from the bachelorette weekend.